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331RE: [MPD-5D] summertime

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  • Rhonda.Redwood-Ray@usdoj.gov
    Jun 1, 2005
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      Ms. Wright, thank you for the information. As you know, the United States Attorney's Office and MPD rely heavily on citizen information. I think that this email is going to be sufficient to contact the people who need this information, like myself (I'm the 5D community prosecutor) and 5D police personnel. When you get a second, please drop me an email at rhonda.redwood-ray@... or call me at 353-0188. Thanks.

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      I live in PSA 504 (Ivy City). There has been increased drug activity on
      my block. So much so my new neighbors are selling it on their front
      porch especially in the evening. I see addicts going back and forth
      while I water my outside plants. I am obviously concerned and would like
      to see increased police presence on my block. I live on the 1800 block
      of Corcoran Street. I haven't attended a PSA meeting in a while. Who
      should I contact?

      Frankeena Wright
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