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2486Re: [MPD-5D] police presence on 1st St NW in PSA 501

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  • sara kaufman
    Dec 23, 2007
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      Thank you for the additional attention to Bloomingdale!
      Can anyone at MPD advise if the patrols also loop through the Crispus Attucks Park? Which is between the unit blocks of U and V street;  accessible from an alley just off First Street.  The park has had a recurrence of vandalism;  a few other issues were emailed directly to the PSA 501 LT and Captain.
      Thank you and wishing you a Silent Night for the Holidays
      Sara @ 1st and W
      cc:  John Corea - Crispus Attucks Park President
      On Dec 22, 2007 10:52 PM, <scott@...> wrote:

      This is Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale in PSA 501.
      Below is an email that I received this evening from a Bloomingdale resident:
      On Friday [December 21, 2007] on my way home from work around 5 PM, I was driving down 1st Street NW, crossing Florida Ave. NW, and there were at least 20 officers walking down first street toward Rhode Island Ave NW.
      When my partner and I left the house around 7:30 pm heading from Rhode Island Ave toward NY Ave. NW, the officers were walking back down 1st Street toward Florida NW .
      We stopped and thanked them for being here, a number of them smiled and yelled back, your welcome. Today we went shopping and there were three police cars at the intersection of 1st and Florida NW again, I think / hope they were all out walking again!
      I would like to think that the police department is finally hearing and understanding what is going on here in Bloomingdale.  Has anyone heard anything about why the officers are here?

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