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2407Re: [Brookland] Attempted Robbery On Perry Place NE

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  • Wayne Steinhilber
    Dec 10, 2007
      Mr Armstrong:
      As posted to the Brookland Group.
      I have already responded directly to Mr. & Mrs Janning and will provide this update for all members.
      The suspect description has been provided to PSA 502 Crime Patrol and Special Beat units. The large 80s style gold chain the suspect was wearing is consistent with that being worn worn by juvenile males. And the boldness of his action would indicate that he is comfortable with the area. 5th District detectives have this information and a follow up investigation is in progress.
      As posted on line prior, there have been two arrests made of robbery suspects recently, one with the recovery of a loaded handgun and another after two positive identifications. In addition, two suspects have been identified in regards to several strong arm robberies. Photo line ups will be developed by detectives and will be shown to past victims. 
      In regards to police presence, additional police units have indeed been deployed to the area to include bike patrol and plain clothes tactical units. Metro Transit Police have increased patrols at the Brookland Station during rush hour and have extended patrols along 12th Street.
      Residents can assist police efforts by looking out for the following subjects/situations and calling 311-911 as appropriate. And consider that the suspects involved in these recent robberies work/live locally and are very familiar with the area. For example, the suspect arrested for the recent robbery on Rhode Island Avenue worked at a store just two blocks away.
      #1 Report immediately suspicious vehicles that are observed parked, occupied, with engines running and lights turned off. We are particularly interested in dark colored SUVs or silver colored vehicles
      #2 Report immediately suspicious vehicles that appear to be circling the block, changing direction mid block or observing/following individuals who are walking.
      #3 Report immediately suspicious subject(s) on foot who appear to be loitering on a block, in alley entrances or alongside closed commercial locations. If you believe you are being followed, head for an occupied and lighted area and call police.
      #4 Report immediately suspicious vehicles that are parked in alleys or near any abandoned buildings or houses. Past robbery suspects have been found to use the same vehicle, usually stolen, and park the vehicles in isolated areas when not in use.
      One of the best chances we have to capture the suspects involved in these robberies is with alert citizens who observe and report suspicious activities. You will know what does not seem right - trust your instincts. Patrol officers will investigate and your confidentiality will be protected. 
      I will keep members posted as new information becomes available.

      Taylor Armstrong <Taylor.Armstrong@...> wrote:
      For what it is worth, I *have* noticed an increased presence, but it
      hasn't seemed to help.

      In addition to the patrol car I see every morning just below 12th
      street on Otis, I've also noticed a car parked up Otis at 14th (or
      15th... can't remember) several evenings when walking home.

      Unfortunately, it just hasn't seemed to deter them enough (so far)


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