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2405Re: [Brookland] Attempted Robbery On Perry Place NE

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  • Judy Ross
    Dec 8 8:42 PM
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      Perhaps "the" car should be moving through area instead of sitting in the same spot?  My daughter walks to/from the metro a.m./p.m. and has not seen the police in the area within the past two weeks.

      Taylor Armstrong <Taylor.Armstrong@...> wrote:
      For what it is worth, I *have* noticed an increased presence, but it hasn't seemed to help.

      In addition to the patrol car
       I see every morning just below 12th street on Otis, I've also noticed a car parked up Otis at 14th (or 15th... can't remember) several evenings when walking home.

      Unfortunately, it just hasn't seemed to deter them enough (so far)


      On Dec 8, 2007, at 5:45 PM, Judy Ross wrote:

      I don't know what the laws are re: pepper spray but I wrote to Commander Greene earlier this week to point out that police presence is still not visible in this area even with the increase in robberies and assaults. I do not understand how these robberies can continue to take place on a regular basis in the exact same area when we have asked for special attention, more police presence etc. Commander Greene, what is it going to take to get regular, visible police presence and protection as we travel to and from our homes and cars in this vunerable area? 

      Taylor Armstrong <Taylor.Armstrong@ gmail.com> wrote:
      That's pretty close to the same time our neighbor was mugged this 
      evening on Newton and 15th... I wonder if the guy took the next 
      available victim? :(

      Anyone know what DC regulations exist concerning pepper spray and the 


      On Dec 7, 2007, at 6:29 PM, janning934 wrote:

      > This evening about 5:45pm as Rebecca, my wife, was walking home from
      > METRO a black male about 6 feet dressed in black with large jewelry
      > chain and possible cross came up behind Rebecca on our "well lighted"
      > porch. He demanded her purse. Rebecca had her purse around her
      > neck. She began screaming and ringing doorbell. I was at dinning
      > room table when I heard her screaming. I ran to door and as I opened
      > it the man (twenty-something) ran off. Fortunately Rebecca was not
      > harmed and he did not get her purse. Rebecca is certain no one
      > followed her home as she saw no one as she passed Cardinal's Nest
      > (two police vehicles were parked across from the Nest at the time).
      > She feels he was lurking around in the area of the house on the
      > corner or across the street by Turkey Thicket Rec Center.
      > Again, please light up the neighborhood.
      > Tim
      > Tim & Rebecca Janning
      > 934 Perry Place NE
      > Washington, DC 20017
      > 202-526-7915
      > janning934@rcn. com
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