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1911Fwd: Re: robbery at gunpoint

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  • brian.ions
    Oct 2, 2007
      Also FWD f/ Brookland Listserv ... Possible 4D Connection...

      --- In Brookland@yahoogroups.com, "brokemoto" <brokemoto@...> wrote:

      The description of these thugs matches a description of some thugs who
      robbed somebody in the rear of a house on Morningside Drive, NW (runs
      roughly parallel to Upper Sixteenth Street) at 1605 on the same day.
      See the Fourth Precinct ListServe for more information.

      These thugs do get around, any more. I wonder if they went into
      Maryland and continued their crime spree. The Fourth Precinct report
      states that the vehicle that they used had District licence plates, but
      it could have been stolen.

      --PL on Decatur St.

      --- In Brookland@yahoogroups.com, flanagan trish
      Today at 4:50pm the construction workers renovating
      the house opposite mine were robbed at gunpoint (15th/jackson). I
      the crimnals 1 minute before the actual robbery
      took place, as. Fortunately, no one
      was harmed as all three had guns; unfortunately, I did not get a
      look to give a better description: 3 young adult males approx
      17-early 20s, medium black complexion, average height,
      lanky build, one in a gray sweatshirt and jeans, the
      other two dressed in black sweatshirts/black pants.

      --- End forwarded message ---
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