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18482[Brookland] DUMP TRUCKS & NO RIGHT ON RED

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  • Brooklander13
    Mar 14, 2014
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    Id like to know when MPD is going to start enforcing the NO THRU TRUCKS issue on Franklin and 13th St NE? The sign is up at the corner of Franklin and RI Ave but no one is paying attention. In the last 10 minutes, 8 Dump Trucks or construction trucks have come down Franklin Street. Yesterday the rumbling was so intense it knocked a crystal glass off my table. How is this acceptable? Foundations are going to crack. Will the city pay for this when it starts to happen? Will the city grant stipends for sound proof windows?  This is not NY Ave or any other dense commercial district. PEOPLE LIVE HERE!!!!

    It seems we need to have more signs put up along that entire road at each corner because no one is paying attention. Please please please put up more signs to stop the commercial construction trucks from using  FRANKLIN  and 13th STREET!

    In addition, someone TOOK DOWN the signs that say NO RIGHT TURN ON RED at 13th Street turning onto Franklin. Whoever did this has got to be crazy. Please put that sign back up or were going to have even more accidents. This is a dangerous corner and now the residents have the added stress of dealing with noise, shaking windows, potential cracked foundations and other issues from this increase in traffic and construction. 

    The attached photo shows the license plate of a truck that ran the red light 3 days ago. I just happened to be in my car turning onto Franklin and snapped his plate. Someone needs to issue this clown a ticket.

    MPD: When will you start enforcing NO THRU TRUCKS? I don’t understand the delay? 

    ES 13

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