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  • Solberg, Andrew (MPD)
    Feb 7, 2014
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      To all of you in 5D:

      On Monday, Chief Lanier reassigned me to the Policy and Development Bureau. I look forward to the challenge of reviewing, revising, editing, and perhaps even writing some of the policies which guide our Department.

      However, I will certainly miss being on the streets of the Fifth District. I will miss meeting and talking with all of the terrific people who live and work in 5D and interact in some way with the police department. You all have been great to work with.

      I will also miss, more than I can say, working with the outstanding group of cops who patrol your neighborhoods. 5D led the city in 2013 in crime reduction, and it was in a huge way due to the dedication and hard work that your officers and supervisors did to make the Fifth District safer for everyone.

      Our success at crime fighting and neighborhood building was also in no small part due to the relationships that our officers have made with the people in 5D. One of my greatest pleasures was to hear from you, in person or by phone or email or hand-written letter, and learn that you knew and had a positive relationship with specific officers--who you knew by name--in your community. As the commander of the Fifth District, please know that it gave me goose bumps every time I heard such a report. With each such mention, I felt incredibly proud of those men and women who work at 5D and have made such a significant impact in the areas where they work. I feel honored to work alongside them.

      I also want to thank every one who in any way contributed to our work. Sometimes you called with praise for our work, sometimes with problems for which you sought solutions, sometimes to alert us to situations and issues you thought we may not be aware of.

      And, on more than a few occasions, you let us know that you felt our work was below the standards you knew we are capable of. Though many of those reports were difficult to work through and address, I want you to continue to do this.

      I have always believed that our Department gets better when we are challenged to do better. Continue to hold us to the highest standards and continue to demand that we perform well. Continue to tell us when we do not meet those standards. Continue to hold us accountable for all that we do.

      And, whenever possible, please take the time to tell a cop that you appreciate his or her work. Your words mean more to us than you can know.

      Andy Solberg

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      Look out for the homeless this winter. When the actual or forecasted temperature or wind chill is 32 degrees F or below, the District issues a Hypothermia Alert. To request support for persons who are homeless and on the street now, contact the Shelter Hotline at 1-800-535-7252 or 311 or email uposh@... <mailto:uposh@...>.
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