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17746Re: [MPD-5D] RE: info pls on Brookland-CUA Metro incident Mon night (12/16)?

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  • editorcd
    Dec 18, 2013
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      Thank you, Captain Morgan. A little more information about the circumstances would be helpful, however, in allowing our neighborhood to judge how alarmed we need to be about this incident.

      Was the injured person involved in the altercation, or a bystander? And how badly injured is this person?

      Did this happen on the platform as people were getting on/off a train or waiting for a train? (I'm assuming it happened on the platform, if they needed to shut down the third rail.)

      Is it known whether this fight originated in our neighborhood or if it came here on a Metro train, spilling over from some other neighborhood? Were the people involved in the fight getting off a train or waiting to board a train? Do any of them live in Brookland?

      Lack of information about crimes often causes much more alarm and fear throughout our city than is warranted. So, can we please get more information about this fight, so that residents of our neighborhood can judge whether they need to be more concerned than we already are about our personal safety on Metro?

      Kathy Sinzinger
      10th Street NE
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