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17719Re: [Brookland] ACCIDENT: 13th & Franklin ST NE

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  • Brooklander13
    Dec 16, 2013
      These were taken in late summer/ early fall. Its one of MANY large commercial vehicles that cut through on to Franklin and then try to turn on 13th. See attached Photos.

      DDOT and DC GOVT: We are still waiting to hear back from some of you on when you will initiate the requests we have made for a change to both Franklin and 13th St NE. 

      Please advise when someone will respond reply...


      On Dec 13, 2013, at 7:31 PM, Brooklander13 <brooklander13@...> wrote:

      Thank you for the reply Jon. I have been petitioning for this change for years and have watched many accidents at this deadly corner with no response or action.

      This is the second accident in less then a month. I understand that speed humps may not be an option since EMS needs access to the hospitals, but certainly speed cameras can be installed at the intersection to deter speeding and potentially hurting people. Children live and walk to school on both those streets (13st and Franklin), people walk to the metro and you never know when someone will run the light and run you over. Its unacceptable. No speed studies need to be done because they were initiated in the past, is a waste of time, and the community is asking for action in the form of Rerouting, Cameras, SIgnage and Police Enforcement so that we can live safely. People who live on Franklin are terrified to park and get in and out of their cars for fear of being run over. It takes no time at all to put back the NO THRU TRUCKS over 1 1/4 TON Sign at:

      • The corner of Franklin ST NE and RI AVE NE and the same on the opposite end at the corner of Michigan NE and Franklin St NE
      • The corner of 13th ST NE and RI AVE and the same on the opposite end at the corner of 13th ST NE and Michigan Ave NE

      We as a community have requested this many times and want someone in DC GOVT and DDOT to do something about it NOW before there is another person hurt of killed by someone speeding and running the lights.

      When can we expect to see our specific request taken seriously and put into action? 


      (By the way, the truck that ran the light had "CLARK" on it  which I believe may be CLARK CONSTRUCTION.)

      On Dec 13, 2013, at 6:23 PM, "Mandel, Jon (Council)" <jmandel@...> wrote:

      Thank you for your email. I will follow up with DDOT to identify if any additional measures can be taken to produce a safer intersection. I will also advise the Rhode Island Streetscaping Citizen Advisory Group to take note of comments made on this post.
      If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.
      Again, thank you for notifying our office about today’s unfortunate accident.
      Jon Mandel
      Community & Business Affairs Coordinator
      Office of Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie, Ward 5
      1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 506
      Washington, DC 20004
      202.478.2457 Direct
      Please Join Councilmember McDuffie for the Ward 5 Holiday Party on Thursday, December 19 at 6:30 PM at Gallaudet University’s Sorenson Language and Communication Center
      (800 Florida Ave NE).
      From: Brooklander13 [mailto:brooklander13@gmail.com] 
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      Subject: [Brookland] ACCIDENT: 13th & Franklin ST NE 
      Importance: High
      Here is the latest example of yet another TRUCK running the light on Franklin St NE from RI Ave heading towards Michigan. This happened an hour ago in front of my house. A dump truck was speeding and ran the light and hit a woman in a car heading south on 13th Street. How many more examples does DC GOVT need to install signage that reroutes trucks to RI Ave and installs speed cameras on both streets to get people to slow down and not kill others?
      Who is going to respond to my request? (photos attached of the car and the truck)
      On Nov 7, 2013, at 8:54 AM, Brooklander13 <brooklander13@...> wrote:
      In the 2 years since Ive been away from my house whiles it was under repair for fire damage, the increase in traffic on 13th St and Franklin has skyrocketed. It is mind boggling. Its like living on the side of a highway. Traffic is backed up on Franklin like a parking lot. The trucks that now seem to be more regular range from giant commercial dump trucks to 18 wheeler rigs and its constant as if this is 495 or NY Avenue.
      Just 2 weeks ago a tractor trailer tried to turn the corner onto Franklin and knocked out a pole and a light. This happens more and more regularly.
      Is anyone experiencing that in other parts of Brookland? If so, we need to petition the govt to get the trucks out of here. With all the new construction, Im sure no developers or DDOT took into consideration or even cared about the increase of traffic to our lovely community. Brookland is a neighborhood not an industrial part of town. Kids walk to school down Franklin and 13th St and its even terrifying for adults to cross that street. If you are standing on either road, you can't even hear another person talking. Its unacceptable.
      I asked for a traffic study years ago and also started a petition for rerouting of trucks and to reduce speed some how. It went no where. Currently there is a homeowners on Franklin who has started a petition to get the trucks rerouted back onto RI Ave where they should be and to have a sign put back up that says NO THRU TRUCKS with a weight limit on the corner of Franklin and RI heading South along with one on Franklin and 10th (right before you get to the school).  I think there also needs to be one on 13th Street between Monroe and RI Ave as well. 
      I know that Debbie Steiner is in contact with DDOT but I would like DC Govt and DDOT to respond to this and give the community an ETA on when we can expect the signs to go up to reroute trucks? This has been going on no since 2004 and enough time has gone by to do traffic studies and take action. 
      13th St

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