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  • Debbie Steiner
    Nov 7, 2013

      I am glad that MPD identified the stolen vehicle and is taking it home.

      As everyone on this listserve is aware, I am one of the, and will continue to be, one of the most staunch and avid supporters of MPD.  However, right now, I am not in a good place with OUC and their handling of a 911 call; where it took, the Ward 5 resident, 3 separate times to call 911 before MPD went to the callers front door to knock, seeing if the caller was ok; when actually they were hysterical and out of their mind with fear - having an unknown person banging furiously on their back door.  This incident is unacceptable, especially considering this area is known as a hot spot. 

      As I and other community leaders supported Jennifer Greene to transfer from MPD to OCU, I am questioning her integrity and her failed responses of inquiry of a recent incident which may lead to an FOIA request;  which I would hope it not be the case.

      We need all MPD officers and OCU to be responsive to our livelihood everyday or maybe they need a change in employment.

      While this is the first time, in my memory that I have had taken to write in this manner, it is for MPD and OCU to be conscience of one factor - tax paying citizens are expecting -honest and true facts of events, even if a mishap occurs; we are in this together.

      Lovingly but seriously submitted,

      Commissioner Steiner

      On Nov 7, 2013, at 9:01 AM, Brian Bradford <brianbradford42@...> wrote:


      This morning the police found the car that was stolen from in front of my home recently. An observant Officer Lucas was doing his patrol and noticed the car had been sitting there for a few days and knew that was unusual for the neighborhood. The car, also known as "Sandy", is on her way to BT&T Auto right now to have the ignition fixed. Thank you 5D for continuing to do an excellent job!

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