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1717RE: [MPD-5D] Get Email Updates on Neighborhood Crime

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  • Patrick Nelson
    Jul 16, 2007
      Thanks, but this still does not substitute for the citizen-MPD interaction
      that is severely lacking on this listserv.

      Does Commander Greene monitor this at all?


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      Subject: [MPD-5D] Get Email Updates on Neighborhood Crime

      The Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC (MPDC) and
      Crimereports.com have teamed up to keep District of Columbia
      residents informed about crime in your community. Our mission is
      simple: provide an easy - and free - way for you to receive regular
      emails from the MPDC about neighborhood crime, as well as other
      information and events of interest. Sign up today by visiting

      Frequently Asked Questions about Crimereports.com

      1. What is Crimereports.com?

      Crimereports.com provides software and services to law enforcement
      agencies to improve collaboration between the police and members of
      the local community. We believe that an open, continuous dialogue
      with the community is a key component of community policing and
      fighting crime. The MPDC has been a partner with Crimereports.com
      since July 1999, and is the largest agency that participates in the

      2. I'm a District resident. What type of information does
      Crimereports.com provide?

      Five days a week, the MPDC produces a summary of all serious
      ("Index") crimes recently reported in each of the seven police
      districts in DC. These summaries are posted to the Crimereports.com
      Web site and are simultaneously emailed to all subscribers to each
      police district's mailing list. In addition to the crime summaries,
      the MPDC uses the service to send out a weekly e-newsletter, as well
      as periodic neighborhood crime alerts, data on wanted suspects and
      information about new police programs and services.

      3. How much does it cost?

      Currently, Crimereports.com's services are free to both residents
      and the Metropolitan Police Department. The service does not rely on
      government grants or tax dollars. Crimereports.com will become
      sustainable, and perhaps profitable, by teaming up with sponsors or
      other partners who are interested in providing this information to
      the public.

      4. How do I subscribe to Crimereports.com?

      On the Internet, go to www.crimereports.com and click on the link
      for Washington, DC. Identify the specific police districts for which
      you want to receive reports (you can sign up for one district,
      several districts or all seven) and complete the remainder of the
      subscription process. It's that easy.

      5. How do I change my free subscription?

      Once you have joined a Crimereports.com list, you can easily change
      your subscription - add a list, remove a list, etc. - at any time by
      visiting www.crimereports.com and clicking on Subscriber Login.
      Follow the easy-to-use steps for changing your subscription.

      6. Do you expect to expand your offerings?

      Yes. We hope to offer a wide range of communications that you choose
      with your local police. Crimereports.com envisions that almost every
      person wants to receive some information from his or her police
      department. We want to provide the type of information you need, at
      the frequency you prefer. If you have ideas about what information
      you would like to see the MPDC provide to DC residents, please call
      (202) 727-9346 or email Kevin Morison, MPDC's Director of Corporate

      Fayette Vaughn-Lee
      5D Community Outreach Coordinator
      202 698-0188

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