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1701Re: More "security" checks

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  • brianionk
    Jul 6, 2007
      Anything can be an opportunity for criminal perps. The confidence level
      is naturally, "high" for security people and systems alike. Everything
      and everyone close to one's home, business and loved ones deserves
      special scrutiny. Here's a cautionary excerpt from an article on home
      security systems...

      A Cat Burglar's Guide to Protecting Your Home
      Walter Shaw
      reprinted from Bottom Line/Personal,
      September 1, 2003


      I have spent most of my career stealing from people just like you. I was
      a member of the "Dinner Set" burglary ring for a dozen years. We stole
      about $70 million in jewelry -- for which I spent 11 years in prison. No
      one is better qualified to tell you that most people don't do enough to
      protect their homes...

      Mistake #2: Posting detailed alarm signs. Don't display signs that
      identify the alarm company. Burglars can buy information on how the
      systems are wired -- and how to bypass specific versions.

      Better: Buy signs at home-supply stores that read, This house is
      protected by an alarm system. As long as it doesn't give specific
      information, it can be a good deterrent.


      I've uploaded Crime Doctor Security Articles and Video links just below.
      (If you're using Yahoo's browser client for this 5D listserv, click on
      the *Links* link in yellow box at upper left of this page.)

      Links To "CrimeDoctor.com" Articles & Online Videos...

      brian kerr
      on Newton / PSA 502

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, khenderson029@... wrote:
      > The same thing happened on L Street, The guy said he was from ADT. I
      > the police because he did not have any identification.

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