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16806Re: [MPD-5D] What happened to the Traffic Camera at 7th and Franklin NE?

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  • Debbie Steiner
    Sep 4 6:46 AM
      As a native Washingtonian, born in a house in Ward 5, raised in the house of which I currently own in Ward 5, let me comment briefly... If you are not going to be part of the solution then your snide remarks are inappropriate.

      Solberg with Beach and company are human and can do but so much and are providing outstanding service to my ANC area of which these comments are being directed.  The community has come a long way and improvements continue, but don't attack MPD under my watch.  

      Now as far as that camera goes... It makes no sense to have the camera at that location; it will still get knocked down.  Only foot patrol and intuitive policing will continually assist with the reduction with these negative elements... And believe me, it has improved greatly.  We are making great strides with removing the negative elements in this community.  

      Just last night, I was riding through the alley that supports the 600 blocks of Hamlin and Girard Street NE at 11:45 pm-- alley was vacant. Usually, at this time, 7 or more individuals would be hanging out.  Further, I walked from the 700 block of Jackson Street, Chancellors Row, at 11:55pm.  No one was out hanging around as usual. Although quite a few dog walkers were out and I asked them to please pick up the poop.  


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      I appreciate the MPD answers but it hardly speaks well for policing that the response to a vandalized speed camera is to remove it. If my house is broken into, am I supposed to remove myself from the city in order to be safe?

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      Thank you, and I agree that we definitely need mobile vehicle enforcement along the 7th Street Franklin thru Hamilin corridor.
      Again, thank you MPD-5 for your presence-- we need all the assistance we can get to help deter that unsavory element in the community.
      Be safe and well.

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