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  • Solberg, Andrew (MPD)
    Jul 17, 2013
      Thanks for your kind and encouraging comments, Keith. 
      However, you are overly generous to me: since Captains Mark Beach, Andre Wright, and Morgan Kane arrived at 5D between October and December 2012, the energy level and commitment to crime fighting efforts has increased to levels I could not have imagined nine months ago. 
      These three captains are leading the charge here at 5D, and along with the rest of the management team at 5D (Lieutenant Ed Bernat of PSA 504 was just selected as the 5D Manager of the Year), they have invigorated all 5D officers in our efforts to increase public safety and decrease crime. 
      And the efforts are working: overall crime is down 2% compared to last year, and violent crime is down 7%.
      We are not perfect, and have not eliminated crime, but our dedication to hard work and commitment to serve the community is strong.
      Andy Solberg
      Commander, 5D


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      Congratulation to each officer in the 5th District and their award. Thank you to every officer for their dedication to bringing safety to the neighborhoods and businesses.
      It is through great leadership and a commitment to honesty and integrity that Commander Solberg leads this group of officers. His devotion to both the city, and to the 5th District should serve as an inspiration to members of the rank and file. Encouraging them to know that through their continued hard work and dedication they too can have a long and rewarding career as a police officer.
      I hope that each of you will continue to be great officers and that  you will encourage others to go beyond meeting our expectations and exceed what it means to protect and defend.

      The city is blessed to have Commander Solberg and so many outstanding officers in the 5th District. We are grateful to each of you today and everyday for your work. May God continue to protect you and walk beside you as you protect us.

      Keith Jarrell 

      On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 2:51 PM, Solberg, Andrew (MPD) <Andrew.Solberg@...> wrote:

      Each year, the Fifth District Citizens Advisory Council sponsors a formal dinner at which officers at the Fifth District are recognized for the hard work they do.  Selection of the officers who receive these awards is made by a vote of their peers, so the officers who are acknowledged are truly recognized by cops who know good police work when they see it (and work alongside it).


      This year’s Award Dinner will be held at the Washington Navy Yard on Thursday, October 24, 2013, and we invite the entire 5D community to attend the dinner and help us celebrate the work done by all 5D officers.  Tickets can be bought through the 5D CAC.


      This year’s award recipients are listed here:


      5D Officer of the Year                                    James Gamble

      PSA 501 Officer of the Year                          Anthony Lozado

      PSA 502 Officer of the Year                          Joseph Hudson

      PSA 503 Officer of the Year                          Crystal Ruiz

      PSA 504 Officer of the Year                          Kevin Smith and Adam Shaatal

      PSA 505 Officer of the Year                          Marcus McCrae

      PSA 506 Officer of the Year                          Benjamin Rubin               

      PSA 507 Officer of the Year                          Alexis Sakulich

      Support Officer of the Year                         Russell Grimes

      Specialized Unit Officer of the Year          Diane Davis

      Rookies of the Year                                         Robert Parker and Taylor Volpe

      Detective of the Year                                     Thomas Stein

      Master Officer of the Year                           Fred Rosario

      Sergeant of the Year                                      Robert Ferretti

      Manager of the Year                                      Lieutenant Edward Bernat

      Citizen of the Year                                           Frances Penn, CAC Chair


      We salute all the officers who have worked hard at 5D for the past 12 months, and in particular salute their work that has led to an overall reduction of crime in 5D of 2% compared to the previous year.  Thank you for your work!


      Andy Solberg

      Commander, 5D






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