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1568RE: Recent Assults on My Dog

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  • Anderson, Judith (MPD)
    Jan 27, 2007
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      I am the PSA official responsible for providing day-to-day police
      service in your community. I would like to speak with you directly to
      gain additional information regarding the problem that describe in the
      email. Also I would like to discuss with you ways that we can better
      serve you and your neighbors. At present, I have officers assigned on
      foot and bicycle to address criminal activity in you community.

      If at all possible please forward a contact telephone number so that we
      may begin working with you to develop working strategies to proactively
      solve problems. I can be reached on 202 698-0277 during business hours
      Tuesday - Thursday. Also I will have my sergeant, Terry Thorne, also
      contact you or he can be reached on 698-4688.


      From: Patrick Nelson [mailto:patrick.r.nelson@...]
      Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 1:03 PM
      To: Anderson, Judith (MPD); fayette.vaughn-lee@...
      Cc: Catania, David (COUNCIL); htomas@...;
      Subject: Recent Assults on My Dog

      Officer Anderson & Ms. Vaughn-Lee,

      I want to bring to your attention something that is begining to become a
      regular occurance in my alleyway. I have a wonderful six year old
      border collie that frequents my backyard. He's a good watchdog for the
      alley as he makes us aware when there are strangers milling about. I
      live on the 1900 block of H Street NE and behind my house is the
      terminal portion of a T-shaped alley.

      Twice in the last few weeks my dog has been assaulted. Today he was
      yelled at, had rocks thrown at him, and had a soda dumped all over him.
      About three weeks ago, someone tried to poison him. I ended up having to
      take him to an emergency animal hospital in the middle of the night.

      These actions, while disturbing, are indicators of more important issues
      within the small section of Trinidad in which I live. Who can I contact
      to discuss more patrols in our neighborhood and specifically the
      assaults on my pet? As I'm sure you're all aware, the inhumane treatment
      of animals leads to worse crimes against people.


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