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15550RE: [MPD-5D] Re: [Brookland] Disruptive children behind the trailer at Noyes Education Campus

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  • Bernat, Edward (MPD)
    Apr 21, 2013

      Sorry to hear about the unpleasant experience, I have cc’d the PSA 504 members and they will keep an eye on this location and address any unlawful activity. Please do not hesitate contact any of us if there are any more issues.


      Thank you,



      Edward R. Bernat



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      Subject: [MPD-5D] Re: [Brookland] Disruptive children behind the trailer at Noyes Education Campus



      I find the young females are more unruly to adult females than the males are.  At least, that has been my own experience.


      Carol on Otis


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      Subject: RE: [Brookland] Disruptive children behind the trailer at Noyes Education Campus


      Gigi, You're right on point with this posting, unfortuntely the children and parents involved are not privy to any listservs, MPD, or direction from anyone other than themselves. I've become afraid anytime I come upon a bunch of unruly teens or any other rowdy folks. I don't have any answers, just wanted to share my 2 cents.
      "Living my life like it's golden"  

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      Truly sorry that you had to have this terrible experience.  It is also a great shame, and highly visible indication of the problems we are having in communities and more importantly in our schools with children who have not receive the proper home training as to how to act in public, be respectful of other adults. It is obvious that the parent(s) and "crew" who showed up to defend this disrespectful and out of control child, provided the foundation of this uncivilized behavior to the child.


      Though there was a lot of negative responses to CM Catania's legislation to lock up parents who do not get their children to school, based on your experience and other negative experiences we have read and heard about with unruly and probably illiterate children and parents, there was some merit to this bill. 


      I feel any legislation that involves education, along with preventing juvenile delinquency should have a strong section for the empowerment of community residents, especially when these are children of parents who are receiving public assistance.  We have been wasting a lot of time, energy and especially money trying to resolve these problems with only government agencies involved.  If the community was empowered and respected, this child would have known that her behavior was unacceptable and you should have been able to walk this child home, share the problem with the parent(s); you should have been sincerely thanked and the child disciplined, not you being threatened with being attacked, harmed or possibly killed due to the parent(s) negligence in properly raising their child(ren), instead of blaming others.


      Albrette "Gigi" Ransom


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      Subject: RE: [Brookland] Disruptive children behind the trailer at Noyes Education Campus


      Hi Terri,


      Thanks for caring. I am also sorry to hear that you had several incidents at this location. I plan to keep a close watch on that area and every time I see activity of children behind the trailer, I will call the police to make sure the area is monitored. The children should be at the basketball court or the play ground. We need to see what they are doing. If we can’t see them illegal activity of all sorts could take place there.


      The school could be asked to fence in the area leaving the basketball court available for public use. Unfortunately, the school can’t stop the activity because the playground and the basketball court has to be available for public use. They can request that DCPS post DCPS police at the location during certain hours.


      Erin has contributed some great ideas that can be used as possible solutions.  We need to approach the Noyes Education Campus principal and ask once again for their assistance in making this area a quality place for people to walk. If we can’t get their assistance, then we have to communicate our concerns to the Board of Education.   I am including the 5D listserv in this email.


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      Cc: Rayseen Woodland; Brookland@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [Brookland] Disruptive children behind the trailer at Noyes Education Campus



      Ms. Woodland, I'm sorry to hear about this frightening scenario. As neighbors adjacent to Noyes for the past 10 years we have seen a wide variety of abhorrent behavior at the school and surrounding it. Some of it is seasonal, but my gut-sense is that it has been increasing more than usual for this time of year. Many of the problems over the years have focused on destruction of property and theft, but it occasionally has come close to violence. Two different situations that we were involved in the past 2 years also turned into "mob" situations (one involved a weapon and the other was targeted against my then-7 yr old).

      I am pleased to hear of MPD's swift response. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to post this on the MPD 5d listserv. They seem to have been very active around this block lately with both preventive stationing and going after problems. 


      Terri on Evarts

      Terri Nostrand


      On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 1:04 AM, Erin Heramb <erheramb@...> wrote:


      The trailors are very dark in the evenings and do not have any lighting around them.  A lot of teens hang around this area.  It would be great if the school put up some lights to protect the teens, community members passing by, and the actual school grounds and property.  However, when I have attempted to support Noyes, throughout the 10 years I've lived in very close proximity, the school has not been responsive.  It is a shame as the renovated campus is less than 7 or 8 years old.





      From: Rayseen Woodland <woodland@...>
      To: Brookland@yahoogroups.com
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      Subject: [Brookland] Disruptive children behind the trailer at Noyes Education Campus



      Hello Community,


      I am sharing a bad experience at the Noyes Education Campus this evening. My grandson and I were walking walked my dogs and he wanted to say hi to some school friends at the basketball court.  We encounter a crowd of junior high school kids hanging around the rear of the Noyes Education Campus trailers. They were loud, rude and conducting themselves in a disorderly manner. One of the kids who may have been approximately 13 to 14 years of age used foul language continuously while small preschool age children were nearby.  I felt this kids manners were very inappropriate and asked her to please give some respect to others. She became angry cursed me badly and threatened to attack me.  She said that she was calling her mother to kick my as..  I could not believe what happened at a blink of an eye.  I called the police. She became angrier an called her mother as she said. She said her mother was going to beat me down and approximately 10 to 15 more people came to the trailer looking for me.  By this time the police arrived and I shared the experience with them. I feel very lucky that these people did not get an opportunity to attack me.    


      Now I am wondering what goes on behind the trailers each day.  I am asking for police coverage to look for unwelcomed behavior and protection for others who may walk through the area.  My understanding is that the kids that were rude and disorderly do not attend Noyes Education Campus, nor do they live near the school. This type of behavior can be intimidating, life threatening and is definitely unwelcomed in our community.


      Please be safe and watch for people who may be looking for trouble.




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