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15469Re: Saturday AM 1400 B/O Lawrence st NE

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  • b_on_t
    Apr 9, 2013
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      I think this board is actually very good for MPD's credibility. Not only is 5D leadership responsive to the community concerns aired here, I know firsthand that many of the "deckplate" officers keep up with, or are at least made aware of, the discussions here.

      No argument here that officers are human and mistakes are made. Once again, another thing in favor of 5D's credibility that we are able to discuss those things in a public forum such as this.

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "brian.ions" <brian.ions@...> wrote:
      > That's good to hear, CC. I know many Brookland residents can say
      > likewise. That's why I'd describe 504's performance as 'spotty' and
      > 'uneven.'
      > For PDs to err is HUMAN. However, to acknowledge errors and resolve to
      > try to do better is something approaching DIVINE.
      > No PD is perfect. Police departments are as imperfect and fallible as
      > the communities they serve.
      > DC residents and stakeholders are big boys and girls, and they very much
      > understand that simple fact of professional life. They don't need to be
      > 'protected' from MPD's blemishes.
      > Little by little, a policy drift toward ignoring and trying to put a
      > happy public (listserv) face on obvious MPD errors only serves to debase
      > MPD's credibility with residents across-the-board.
      > That kind of drift is not good for rank-and-file morale, nor for the
      > public trust in a crime-fighting partnership.
      > brian/
      > 504
      > --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, Concerned Citizen <nomorenaca@> wrote:
      > Thanks for the replies. I do think/hope the interaction was a one-off
      > since previous experiences with 5D responders were quite the opposite.
      > I'm assuming the frustration with the misinformation may have
      > contributed to the ignored response received by neighbors. In the past
      > I've had positive responses (5D) when pointing out casings and other
      > information from a night time shooting.
      > For the record, an apology from 5D Officers was given to the family who
      > was mistakenly awaken by heavy door knocks and questioning.
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