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1545Unit block of N St. NE

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  • MacLaren Hunt Chatham
    Jan 9, 2007
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      I was happy to see an officer on foot as well as a patrol car on this
      block this morning.

      I walk to the metro every morning and am amazed at how blazen the drug
      dealing is on this specific block. It's an open air drug market. Even
      though most of the regulars recognize me, I'm greeted with "What do you
      need?" on most mornings, and watch as deals are made with passing cars
      and openly up and down the block.

      It's especially unfortunate that so much drug activity occurs right
      outside the methadone clinic, with dealers obviously targeting the most
      volunerable addicts.

      A continued police presence in this area and any other efforts to clean
      it up would be very positive for the neighborhood.