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15442Re: [MPD-5D] Pot Patrol Needed!!

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  • khenderson029
    Apr 5, 2013
      Lieutenant Jeter, Commissioner Henderson and I will be meeting on Monday to discuss an action plan for this area. We will not tolerate pot smokers, shooters, gamblers, drug dealers or any lawless problem persons in between. We are looking forward to a quiet and safe summer, which means we are planning now. I encourage you to quickly call the police if you see any incident that undermines our public safety.

      Commissioner Kathy Henderson, 5D05
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      There's a house on the 1900 block of Bennett Place NE where a bunch of kids are starting to hang out in their back yard and in the alley. Now with the nicer weather, they have decided that it's OK to smoke pot in front of one of those garage doors of a neighbor's yard so the adults that live in the house can't see them doing it. 

      Of course, the rest of the alley can see it and smell it. Could we include the alley on regular patrols after school moving forward? If anyone wants descriptions of the teens involved, I'll be happy to provide them.

      Thanks in advance for the help.


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