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15355Re: [MPD-5D] Saturday's Marathon Traffic Nightmare

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  • Julia Wilton
    Mar 26, 2013
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      Katherine - Extremely well said!  And I agree on all fronts.  Also congrats on running such a tough race.


      On Tuesday, March 26, 2013, Katherine Makris wrote:

      As someone who lives in this neighborhood, and has run this marathon three times now, AND as someone who works for an organization who does outdoor event permitting and works with the MSETG, MPD, and NPS, I would encourage you to be open minded in dealing with this situation.  I have been on every side of this race at this point and while I have definitely experienced being 100% shut in to my few block radius for a few hours, I have also experienced the joy of participating, as well as the hell of permitting. I also use alert dc and pay attention to the VMS boards and road closure signs which were placed throughout the city well in advance. Consider those who live in Anacostia who had THEIR streets shut down until 2pm.  We are lucky we are on the half marathon course and only had it bad for a few hours. 
      Rather than barking up the tree of MPD and MSETG and trying desperately to have this event taken down, it would actually be most effective to get in touch with Competitor group, who runs these races, and offer them some constructive criticism of the route.  Don't just start complaining to every organization in town; event organizers actually REALLY value community feedback, good or bad.  I'm sure they would appreciate hearing of your concerns, as well as some ideas of better streets to route it on. 
      Finally, to people who are complaining that these events happen ALL THE TIME...they do, on the national mall and park service territory.  Our neighborhood is shut down for a few hours ONE day per year for this race.  It is incredibly difficult to be creative in planning a safe, desirable 26.2 miles of running course through a city that gives you little mileage to work with. Be open to the fact that this race brings 30,000 people through our streets and many of these are out of towners bringing the city revenue.  I agree that there were traffic issues and as a runner on the course I know I certainly have suggestions for some re-routing...but let's all be part of the solution instead of trying to take down something that probably motivated a lot of our citizens to get out the door and get healthy.



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