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15353Re: [MPD-5D] Saturday's Marathon Traffic Nightmare

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  • Jerry A
    Mar 25, 2013
      DC is a very active city and living/working in it means you have to take the good with the bad. One bad topic being harped on is traffic and street closures.  For those who's time is precious to them and can't afford to waste it when the city shuts down for any and all events the below listed website shall be your savior for future traffic issues and street closures. 
      if you register and log in, it will give you a large array of choices, options, and areas to have alerts sent to you before they happen. Weather, crime, emergency, street closures and i think even utility outages are even listed on there. Ive always been a fan of the saying "know before you go." 103.5 WTOP on every 10 minutes on the 8's has also been a good wealth of up to the minute traffic information, and is one to listen to as soon as I turn on my vehicle. 
      Safe travels,
      Jerry A

      On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 2:46 PM, studermw <studermw@...> wrote:

      I'd like ask our local and city-wide MPD officers to address the absolutely outrageous traffic situation that occurred Saturday during the "Rock'n Roll Marathon". I received the traffic alerts like many people in the District, but really the alert should have said "don't bother to be on the road anywhere in DC on Saturday morning". I personally spent two hours trying to get from Shaw to Petworth at 11am on Saturday. Police along the route were friendly and sympathetic, but basically responded with shoulder-shrugs when asked what to do or how to get to where I was going. I ended up trying every possible route with no luck. The alert that went out did not provide enough information to try to avoid the traffic mess.

      I understand that DC is the nation's capitol city and that we have to expect a certain number of inconveniences due to protests, parades, motorcades, etc. But this type of event happens way too frequently in DC, and in my honest opinion should not be occurring through residential neighborhoods where there are limited options for local traffic. Do we need to start protesting with our councilmembers for a more rigorous approval process for marathons? I don't want to ruin anyone's fun, but this can't continue.

      I also know that MPD does not control whether or not marathons are approved or necessarily what the routes are. But I would like to hear from the MPD and community leaders on a few of the following issues…

      • Is there any analysis done on how major street closures will affect residential neighborhoods and traffic?
      • Are all requests for marathons approved, or does the community and MPD have input into whether or not an event will create too much of a burden on the local community?
      • Are there detour routes available when we have marathon events?

      Any input or discussion would be appreciated...


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