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15073Traspassing on private properties front and rear at First and O Street NW.

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  • tvehunt
    Mar 3, 2013
      To the MPD-5D:

      I have noticed, in the back rear of the homeowners' backyards (between 80 and 84 O Street, NW, as well as possibly other homes, where, as both residents found, that someone has been on their property. At these residences, someone had removed woodlogs in her main entrance where her gate used to be in order to keep people off of her property and in the process. One also found an empty pack of cigarettes sitting on her air conditioning unit, under her lower back window.

      It could be either the Drug Dealers or the homeless people that visits the SOME House but, they are always back here by the homeowners' properties. doing God-knows-what throughout day and night!!

      Even though, as of lately, I have noticed that the police do patrol the area, all around the front of the block and they are doing a good job but, I am now asking for the police to patrol around the back alley by the homeowners properties as well in order to keep unwanted guests away from and out of homeowners' back yards around here?

      A response is appreciated regarding this matter. Thank very much.
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