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15051Re: [MPD-5D] Re: How to request a red light camera?

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  • Elizabeth Lyttleton
    Mar 1, 2013
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      I greatly appreciate the cruiser sitting at this intersection this morning - in the few minutes I was there it seemed to encourage drivers to slow down. I hope that MPD will continue to periodically make your presence known in the area. I also hope that a red light camera will be seriously considered! 

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      On Feb 28, 2013, at 7:18 PM, "Matthew" <mtn1414@...> wrote:


      I agree with everything Elizabeth said. I walk along North Capitol everyday and drivers in both directions blow through red lights at the intersections with R Street and Randolph Place.

      And it's not like the light turns red when the vehichle is in the intersection - I regularly see the light turn red and then two or more vehicles still enter and go through the intersection. And most are definitely going well over the speed limit.

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "Solberg, Andrew (MPD)" wrote:
      > We have forwarded your request.
      > In the meantime, we will have the patrol officers see what we can do about altering driver behavior here and elsewhere along North Capitol Street.
      > Andy Solberg
      > Commander, 5D
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      > Subject: [MPD-5D] How to request a red light camera?
      > I cross North Capitol Street at R St every morning on foot, with children.
      > I am not exaggerating when I say that almost every morning, I see drivers
      > blow through the red light while driving northbound on North Cap.
      > Southbound drivers also regularly try to pull through the light when there
      > isn't space, blocking at least the crosswalk if not more. The situation is
      > reversed every evening.
      > I have personally witnessed a number of accidents at this intersection
      > caused by folks driving WAY over the speed limit, and from my house on the
      > Unit Block of R St NE have heard many many more.
      > This morning, a driver gunned it about half a block south of the
      > intersection heading northbound and blew through the red light at least a
      > full second, if not two, after the light had changed.
      > Thankfully, out of self preservation, I have taught my children that you
      > always count to three after you get the walk signal when crossing here.
      > I understand that this intersection is not in a high priority area like NY
      > Ave or K St downtown, but people actually live and walk here. Drivers
      > continue to treat North Cap like a highway when it is most certainly not.
      > While there are major structural issues that have exacerbated this problem
      > that are too big to address here (removal of Truxton Circle, RI Ave
      > underpass), it would be extremely helpful to at least get a little
      > Pavlovian on drivers and teach them, via the wallet-hit of a red light
      > camera ticket, to slow down and quit running the traffic lights at R and
      > North Capitol.
      > That is a long winded way of asking this: how does one go about
      > requesting, or pleading for as the case may be, a red light camera?
      > Thanks,
      > Elizabeth
      > --
      > Elizabeth
      > eblyttleton@...

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