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15038RE: [MPD-5D] How to request a red light camera?

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  • Griffin, Randy (MPD)
    Feb 28, 2013

      Got it.


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      Subject: RE: [MPD-5D] How to request a red light camera?



      We have forwarded your request.


      In the meantime, we will have the patrol officers see what we can do about altering driver behavior here and elsewhere along North Capitol Street .


      Andy Solberg

      Commander, 5D



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      Subject: [MPD-5D] How to request a red light camera?



      I cross North Capitol Street at R St every morning on foot, with children.
      I am not exaggerating when I say that almost every morning, I see drivers
      blow through the red light while driving northbound on North Cap.
      Southbound drivers also regularly try to pull through the light when there
      isn't space, blocking at least the crosswalk if not more. The situation is
      reversed every evening.

      I have personally witnessed a number of accidents at this intersection
      caused by folks driving WAY over the speed limit, and from my house on the
      Unit Block of R St NE have heard many many more.

      This morning, a driver gunned it about half a block south of the
      intersection heading northbound and blew through the red light at least a
      full second, if not two, after the light had changed.

      Thankfully, out of self preservation, I have taught my children that you
      always count to three after you get the walk signal when crossing here.

      I understand that this intersection is not in a high priority area like NY
      Ave or K St downtown, but people actually live and walk here. Drivers
      continue to treat North Cap like a highway when it is most certainly not.
      While there are major structural issues that have exacerbated this problem
      that are too big to address here (removal of Truxton Circle, RI Ave
      underpass), it would be extremely helpful to at least get a little
      Pavlovian on drivers and teach them, via the wallet-hit of a red light
      camera ticket, to slow down and quit running the traffic lights at R and
      North Capitol.

      That is a long winded way of asking this: how does one go about
      requesting, or pleading for as the case may be, a red light camera?




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