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  • Craig, Donald (MPD)
    Aug 23, 2006
      I have a few things I need to let everyone know about. Over the past
      few weeks we have had about five burglaries on the Northwest side of
      P.S.A. 501. They have happened in the very late evening or early
      morning hours. The suspect entered through a first floor window and did
      this while the residents were home. At least one resulted in a
      confrontation with the owner and was heading towards a sexual assault
      when the suspect decided to flee the house.

      So with that please secure your windows as best you can to prevent
      anyone from coming into your home. At least that way they have to make
      a bunch of noise which will give you a chance to call the police and or
      even defend yourself until we get there.

      On a more positive note, the Focus Mission Unit made an arrest for a
      sexual assault that happened in the alley at 1st and Thomas Street N.W.
      He was caught minutes after the assault occurred. We are checking to
      see if he was involved in any of the Burglaries, but until we know for
      sure be on your toes.

      Now for some more positive notes.

      In the past few weeks the Focus Mission Units along with our patrol
      officers have been targeting some complaint areas. These are the

      Unit block of Girard Street N.E.

      A search warrant was obtained and served. Two arrests were made for
      possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

      600 blocks of Girard and Hamlin Streets N.E.

      Six arrests have been made for distribution, possession with the intent
      to distribute drugs and possession of drugs. Also one handgun has been

      Flagler and W Streets N.E.

      Four arrests have been made for possession with the intent to distribute
      drugs. They also have made two arrests for violation of stay away
      orders and are getting a warrant for the same violation on a person who
      they had arrested previously and who ran from them last night.

      Well that's about it for now everyone. Take care.

      Lt. Craig

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