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14589Re: [MPD-5D] Re: FW: 12/29/12 Pedestrian Hit and Run Traffic Fatality: New York Avenue and First Street, NW

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  • Sal
    Jan 3, 2013
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      I got your point. A young girl succombs to a hit and run. And you comment about; how this youg lady probably thought the car was going to stop,and you are tired of the extreme indifference and arrogance demonstrated by pedestrians, etc. etc. Seriously?
      How do you know she probably thought the car was going to stop? Whatever happened to tact and sensitivity? Clearly you don't have teenagers (yet).
      This subject was a hit and run. Though related and a spin off, you started a new subject/topic, Thus, a new thread.
      On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 1:32 PM EST brian.ions wrote:

      >I think you missed Kris Hammond's point, Sal.
      >Kris wasn't 'bashing' the deceased in this instance. Although I would
      >add that hit-and-run as well as stop-sign/ red-light-running, cited by
      >Matt, are comparable nuisances and dangers to the chronic jaywalking
      >Kris cites.
      >MPD's failure to enforce all of these traffic laws is creating a serious
      >public safety nuisance. And if DCPS had traffic safety programs for teen
      >drivers and pedestrians alike, we might save parents a lot of heartache.
      >Mayor Gray, Chief Lanier and every member of Council are the RESPONSIBLE
      >parties for assuring public safety in our city. There's not a thing
      >wrong with demanding better of them.
      >These are PUBLIC DC listservs, BTW-- financed by the taxpayers of the
      >District of Columbia. Among other public forums, this is exactly the
      >place citizens should be raising their complaints about traffic and
      >pedestrian public safety and law enforcement.
      >I also think one of Kris' larger, implied points is the cheap value DC
      >citizens and their leaders place on our fellow residents' lives and
      >public safety.
      >For example, I am astonished that the Post is running an article today--
      >essentially critical of the Police Chief's lawful ability to TEMPORARILY
      >shutdown scofflaw alcohol-serving nightclubs which have had serious
      >violent crimes and/or incidents.
      >Where are our own public safety priorities?
      >I don't think the Chief has been given ENOUGH power to interrupt
      >business activities that result in violent behaviors. And the ABC Board
      >needs a house cleaning if it keeps relying on the Chief and valuable MPD
      >time to do their work. Mayor Gray and the Council ought to do something
      >about that.
      >But by comparison to a dead teenager and a hit-and-run-driver who MPD
      >hasn't brought to justice, where is WaPo's priorities in reporting on
      >all the elements of this preventable loss of life?
      >All that is required for wrongful behaviors to triumph in this world is
      >for good people to do nothing. *WE* are those good people. We must
      >demand better of our leaders. Kudos to Kris, Matt and others here for
      >making that effort on behalf of all of us.
      >PSA 504
      >--- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, Sal wrote:
      >My heart goes out to her family. This is so horrible. But, do you really
      >that it is appropriate to bash this 16 year old victim? Couldn't you
      >started a new thread with a different subject title? Wow! And your post
      >The hit and run knew it ran over something-
      >On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 6:10 PM EST Kris Hammond wrote:
      >>This is a sad story, but it basically boils down to this: A DC
      >pedestrian was
      >jaywalking, probably assumed that the vehicles would stop, but someone
      >did not see her. She died and one of the vehicles left the scene.
      >>I am tired of the extreme indifference and arrogance demonstrated by
      >many DC
      >pedestrians. I generally drive only on weekends and evenings, but I
      >have had
      >pedestrians illegally walk in front of my car dozens of times in 2012.
      >If I
      >had not slowed or stopped my vehicle during these occasions, I would
      >have hit
      >most of these pedestrians. Honking at these individuals generally has
      >effect. Who would have gotten the third degree if I struck a pedestrian
      >because I momentarily took my eyes of the road?
      >>Is it possible that MPD could begin enforcement of the worst jaywalking
      >violations and/or launch a safety awareness campaign targeting
      >>Kris Hammond
      >>--- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com
      >UpDGvV6NA4zuhglioRj9eRZFJT1v-auqU9vXBJcOIighOYr_qJ4Ya22doR689k> ,
      >"Press, MPD (MPD)" <mpd.press@...> wrote:
      >> Contact: Police Officer Araz Alali (202-727-4383)
      >> December 29, 2012
      >> Pedestrian Hit and Run Traffic Fatality: New York Avenue and First
      >> (Washington, DC)-Detectives from the Metropolitan Police
      >Department’s Major
      >Crash Unit are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying and
      >locating a
      >vehicle of interest in connection with the pedestrian hit and run
      >fatality, which occurred at New York Avenue and First Street, NW.
      >> On Friday, December 28, 2012, units from the First District responded
      >to a
      >pedestrian traffic collision with injury which occurred at approximately
      >6:06 pm
      >at the intersection of New York Avenue and First Street, NW. A 2003
      >Bonneville, was traveling east on New York Avenue, N.W. After crossing
      >intersection of First Street with a solid green signal, the Pontiac
      >struck a
      >pedestrian, who was crossing north, outside of the east crosswalk.
      >impacting with the Pontiac, the pedestrian landed in the roadway, and
      >was run
      >over by a tan sport utility type vehicle (SUV) with D.C. registration.
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