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14370RE: [MPD-5D] Re: Drug Activity at First and O Street NW

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  • Brown, Jeff (MPD)
    Nov 27, 2012

      Good Morning Matt,


      The officers here at the Fifth District and throughout the Metropolitan Police Department are here to respond to your calls for service.  Please do not hesitate to dial 911 and report ANY behavior you feel needs our attention. 


      Gambling of any sort on public space is illegal in the District of Columbia and often leads to violent crime. 


      We will be receiving recruit officers from the Police Academy for the Christmas Holiday season and several of them will be deployed in this area to address this type of activity.  The PSA manager, Lieutenant Randy Griffin, will also be meeting with his officers to implement the course of action for this area.


      Thank You.


      Capt. J. Brown

      5th District

      (202) 698-0288



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      I live near that corner and see a group hanging out there frequently in the evenings and on the weekends. I have seen them playing a card game and money being exchanged as I've been stopped at the light. What I would like to know is when is it prudent to call the police and when not? I am sure the gambling should have been brought to the attention of police, but if a group is hanging out at that corner with no apparent suspicious behavior, should I really be calling the police then? I want unsavory characters to know their activities are not welcome in our neighborhood, especially with the school so close by. At the same time, I also don't want to be a bother to police or any group of individuals that happen to be gathered outside with no malicious intent. I appreciate any feedback our 5th District Officers can provide.

      Matt Ernest
      Truxton Circle Resident since 9/30/2011

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