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1426Chaging our 'Hood: 1400 block, 1st St NW

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  • Shotokan8
    Jul 1, 2006
      I am one of the residents on this block, there are many of us who have
      moved here in the past couple years and we’re not going to take this
      anymore. I usually don’t write in outburst because I really respect
      what you all do and in the past few months, patrol has steadily
      increased, but there are some things below that need to be laid out.

      I am so frustrated right now because I just called 911 three times
      within the last 45 minutes (literally) and NOT A SINGLE OFFICER has
      even driven by. The main dealer, Bobby, was sitting IN the sidewalk
      handing out viles and large blue pills (in his pants pocket) while one
      of the women was smoking on a crack pipe…sitting in the sidewalk,
      blocking traffic! Can the entire 5th district (or any other for that
      matter) be that busy to not send one officer to search and arrest
      them!? Kids, couples, and everyday people are walking by while all of
      this is going on.

      I also called last night around 2AM about 2 gunshots directly in front
      of the house and gave descriptions of who was outside when they
      happened and I literally saw the police just stroll by slowly! What
      the *&^@!

      It’s one thing to not be able to fulfill everyone’s main request to
      just “do something,” but when a concerned citizen calls and says
      “crime in progress,” someone should be sent in a timely matter! “The
      mission of the Metropolitan Police Department is to prevent crime and
      the fear of crime…” but if that is no longer true then please change
      your mission.

      This neighborhood is trying to change for the better, but sometimes it
      honestly feels like the 5th district wants to live in the past and
      doesn’t think they need to change with it. We now have people that
      care, have power (via votes), and are doing what’s needed to make a
      change. Unless the 5th district is not ready to change with it then I
      suggest we be reassigned or some alternative measure provided.

      Please respond and send an officer. It’s been over an hour now…