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1414nuisance property on Morse St NE

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  • Tina DCTina
    Jun 27, 2006
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      There is a house at 1215 Morse St that is clearly not
      being lived in. The backyard is grown high with grass
      and weeds and more importantly, those if us who use
      that alley have seen that backyard being a place where
      drug dealers routinely hide drugs and other illicit
      activity since the fence is broken. We've brought this
      activity as well as a detailed description and
      location of the drug dealer, to the attention of the
      police patroling the area. The other day we came home
      to see some shady looking guys who appeared to be
      stealing something metal from inside there. The car
      they were in had Md tags. Anything that can be done to
      secure the property and get the owner involved in
      maintaining it would be greatly appreciated by all of
      us who use that alley.


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