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  • brian.ions
    Sep 30, 2012
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      Every day of the week MPD pros employ their quick thinking, experience, professional training and courage to serve and protect the public safety of everyone in DC-- in all kinds of smaller, unsung ways. Of course their dedication to our city is heroic, every day-- and it is deserving of our recognition and appreciation every day.

      Every now and then, however, that MPD heroism manifests itself in a story like this which exemplifies, more publicly, what a terrific police force DC residents and visitors are fortunate to have serving them...

      By Associated Press, Updated: Sunday, September 30, 7:18 PM
      Man charged with DUI after fiery crash that left 2 critically injured, 6 total hurtMan charged with DUI after fiery crash that left 2 critically injured, 6 total hurt

      WASHINGTON â€" D.C. police say a driver was under the influence of alcohol when he crashed his car into another vehicle, trapping two occupants inside as the car caught fire.

      Police say the driver and passenger of the car that was struck sustained third-degree burns and were hospitalized Sunday in critical condition. A total of six people were injured as a result of the crash, including two police officers.

      WJLA News7 also reported tonight that two MPD officers suffered burns while, very likely in observers' opinions, saving the lives of two victims injured in the burning vehicle struck in this crash. The home video of the burned vehicle from which the two victims were freed, taken by a nearby resident, is very compelling.

      To these two MPD officers burned while responding to this fiery crash-- and to all of our MPD officers, you are all our heroes, every day. Thank you!

      PSA 504

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