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13986Re: [MPD-5D] Re: Love Letters from Chief Lanier (Not So Nice)

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  • Leemah
    Sep 9, 2012
      One could take pictures of the area where a ticket was issued showing the lack of signs. I'm sure a judge would consider the evidence.

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      If Geovanni doesn't mind, I'll chime in with one potential location that I know of.

      A few weeks back, a co-worker of mine who commutes into the city recently got hit with a camera ticket (from one of the car-mounted mobile cameras) on 395 south, right in the area of Maine Avenue. He was surprised to get the ticket because he guessed the speed was 55 mph, reasoning that 395 was a freeway, when the ticket indicated it was really 45 mph. It's not a route he travels much.

      Now, he placed the blame on himself and has probably already paid the ticket, but he felt there wasn't clear enough signage in the area of the camera at the time he got nabbed. Knowing him pretty well, he would've definitely slowed to the posted speed if he had seen a sign.

      The circumstances may be completely different now that some time has passed, but just wanted to chime in.

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      > What area Geovani?
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      > Subject: Love Letters from Chief Lanier (Not So Nice)
      > Chief you know I love you and am a big fan, but I don’t enjoy getting love letters from you. Those mobile speeding cameras are killing me. I would rather make a $125 donation to MPD directly. The issues that I have with some of the love letters is that speed limits are not posted in many of the areas where the mobile speed cameras are being placed; DC ordinance required that for the fine to be enforceable, there MUST be visible signage. So I suggest MPD really considers this law before placing cameras all over the place to ensure that a law abiding (though not always speed abiding) citizen thinks that he/she is okay driving at 35 MPH due to lack of speed limit signs and get a nice love letter from MPD because the actual speed limit is 25 MPH.
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