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13346Re: Continuous Canvassing by Alleged Meat Salesmen

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  • Alfred Nader
    May 31, 2012
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      Ms. Henderson,

      Thank you for bringing up this very serious topic.  I've purchased from them before and I highly recommend their chicken.  I do NOT, however, recommend their meat products.  Because of my dislike of their meat products, I have never tried their seafood. 

      They are actually selling their products out of a van, but it is completely covered in the company's logo. They do indeed take credit cards and cash.  Note that if you wish to haggle, they will lower their prices.

      I checked out this company online (www.capitalmeats.com) and they have been around for several years.

      So, other than their parking skills (I agree with you), they are "confirmed" meat sellers.

      Happy Shopping.


      Happy shopping.

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