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130104-wheel ATVs/dirt bikes legal in D.C.?

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  • b_on_t
    Apr 7, 2012
      This afternoon, maybe around 5:00 PM or so (not really sure of the time) a group of several, perhaps up to a dozen 4-wheel ATV and dirt bike riders rode down Franklin Street NE, heading west towards 4th Street NE. It didn't look like they were traveling at high speed but there were a couple of guys that were guilty of "exhibition" (e.g. popping wheelies, revving engines, etc). Some had passengers. All appeared to be wearing helmets.

      I wasn't really bothered by their presence but I thought that these kinds of vehicles are not legal in D.C. and oftentimes not legal for street use just about everywhere. I couldn't tell if these had any sort of vehicle tags or registration. However, with such a large group riding a fairly busy street, maybe they are legal provided they've been properly tagged and registered?

      I guess my question is this: are these types of vehicles legal for any kind of use in D.C.? And if they are not, is there any desire for a citizen to report it?
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