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  • Lanier, Cathy (MPD)
    Dec 31, 2011
      Happy New Year Kathy!
      Cathy Lanier
      Chief of Police
      Washington, DC
      Teamwork and leadership is what prevents crime. Let's do this together!


      Join Mayor Gray’s One City • One Hire - 10,000 Jobs Campaign
      “Putting District Residents Back to Work – One Hire at a Time”
      Learn more at http://onecityonehire.org


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      Sent: Sat Dec 31 23:38:31 2011
      Subject: Happy New Year!

      I am feeling really excited about the coming new year and all of the promise it holds. I look forward to a safer community and a safer city, which will bring greater rewards for all of us. When you feel safe in your community you can really focus on achieving more and making your dreams come true and finding new ways to serve your neighbors and the greater good. I hope you will consider joining your neighbors and our officers for more community walks, cleanups, tree plantings and any activity that will help make our communities more livable. I hope you will answer the call to jury duty when you receive your notice to serve and I hope you will embrace the opportunity to write community impact statements.  Our judges need to know how defendants that have been found guilty for committing crimes in our community have harmed our quality of life. You have an unprecedented opportunity to be heard and you can remain completely anonymous.
      Finally, I wish you peace, safety and prosperity and offer a special wish for all members of our law enforcement team. Thank you for answering the call to serve and protect and may each of you make it home safely to embrace your families and dreams. Commissioner India Henderson, 5B10, joins me in wishing each of you the HAPPIEST NEW YEAR EVER!
      Peace and Blessings,
      Kathy Henderson
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