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1153Re: [MPD-5D] Mirrors nightclub blocking lanes off on NY Avenue

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  • TruxtonResident
    Apr 3, 2006
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      Guess the rumors are true about DC Cops owning Mirrors and being able to close the lanes of NY Avenue whenever they want to.
      The silence from MPD-5D says it all.

      TruxtonResident <truxtonresident@...> wrote:
      Why is it that the Mirrors nightclub on New York Avenue has the ability to block off entire lanes of traffic during rush hour to accomodate their parking?  This happens every week or so ... I drive home from work along New York Avenue and the block between Florida and !st St NW has the far rigth lane blocked off so they can use it for parking.
      This happened yesterday afternoon (around 5:00 pm) again. Granted it's the westbound side of  New York Avenue ... but it's still a *very* busy traffic route getting to the 3rd Street tunnel. And we have enought trouble as it is when the lanes go down to 2 in front of Big Ben.
      And there have been no notices/permits published along the route. What/who gives them the special privilege?

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