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1143RE: [MPD-5D] Neighborhood Listservs?

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  • Edmonds, Francine (EOM)
    Mar 31, 2006

      Good afternoon all,


      There are several Civic groups and ANC's that have listservs that can be accessed through Yahoo groups. 


      Keep in eye out for several more listservs to be created in the upcoming weeks from Ward 5.


      Francine P. Edmonds

      Ward 5 Neighborhood Services Coordinator

      Office of Neighborhood Services

      64 New York Avenue NE,

      Room 4100

      Washington, DC 20002

      (202) 671-0726

      (202) 671-0728 (Fax)



      To request a scheduled service, call 202-727-1000 or visit www.src.dc.gov


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      Yes, Yahoo also has a Brookland listserv if you're in Brookland.  I'm not sure about other neighborhoods in 5D.


      Patrick Nelson <arodeojock@...> wrote:

      I know this isn't exactly a 5D police question, but I was wondering if there are listservs for the neighborhoods in our PSAs.


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