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1112Re: gun talk...chill out

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  • zanzy75
    Feb 27, 2006
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      Talk about escalating things.....tfk i believe the direct quote from PDM's post was ....and i
      copy and paste here so there is no room for misinterpretation..."Where in the world are
      these people coming from????????" which if you read the original post....pdm's question
      was a little valid. Most certainly NOTHING to the effect that have misquoted as having
      stated... "where do you people come from?"

      There is a BIG difference between the two.

      Next time you want to use two different posts written by two different people please make
      note of which post you are either referring to or responding to and also, whom you are
      quoting (oh and don't forget to get the quote right).... it will strengthen your argument.

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, Tobias Kienle <tfkienle@...> wrote:
      > I'm not sure how this got started, but those who
      > choose to have guns, or are interested, have been
      > having a factual discussion about the laws. Please
      > leave your political opinion on the subject off this
      > list.
      > First, no one has said to rely on guns INSTEAD of
      > doing all the other things like calling the police,
      > working on PPS's, etc. I believe it was mentioned as
      > an extra protective measure.
      > Second, calling people "freaks" is far more
      > destructive to the listserve community than discussing
      > gun laws. And making ethnic stereotypes about
      > Southerners is wrong also.
      > I think there's alot of jumping to conclusions because
      > emails are sometimes hard to interpret, especially in
      > areas like tone, sarcasm, emotion. But if you think
      > there was a serious advocacy of vigilante law in some
      > of those early messages, then you are overreacting.
      > I'm personally offended by those of you who make
      > broadbrush attempts to stereotype responsible gun
      > owners. We need to get past such simplistic
      > categorizations, and stop trying to marginalize people
      > with comments like "where do you people come from?"
      > Peace,
      > TK
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