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1107Re: [MPD-5D] Drive Home Excitement - High Speed Chase

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  • sara kaufman
    Feb 28, 2006
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      I saw two groups of PG and DC police traveling at a high rate of speed southbound on 1st St NW from Michigan Ave to what looked like 1st and Randolph NW at  about the same time.  

      On 2/26/06, kalston266@... <kalston266@...> wrote:
      First off, let me start this story by stating I have a very boring life, so this story is "high drama" for me. I am very shaken up! 
      Saturday evening i..e 11:30 p.m. I was leaving a bar/restaurant on GA Ave (Georgia and New Hampshire Ave) headed back home to Eckington. I took one of the side streets off of GA Ave and decided to take Rock Creek Church Road south towards the reservoir to 1st Street NW to get home. When I got to the light at Rock Creek Church Road I saw a silver pick up truck i.e. a Dodge Ram 1500 or Ford truck moving at a very high rate of speed. Behind the truck were two non marked Maryland police cars and two Prince Georges County police cars. My passenger and I quickly realized we were witnessing a high speed chase. We remarked on the fact that Prince Georges county was responding to this chase so "far" into DC. We questioned where was the DC officers? After the suspect and officers passed us heading south bound on Rock Creek Church Road, we turned south bound on Rock Creek Church Road. We waited a few seconds until the "coast was clear." (Forgive the pun!) We were stopped at the next light due to a red light. I glanced at my rear view mirror and again, I saw the same pick up truck headed towards my vehicle and the other vehicles stopped at the light at a high rate of speed. We assumed the driver of the truck was lost and/or not familiar with this area of DC. Since the truck was headed towards us at top speed i.e. 60 - 70 mph, I and the other drivers stopped at the light quickly moved into the intersection or to the right hand side of the road. We would have been hit or seriously injured if we did not move quickly. The truck flew past us, and two Prince Georges County police officers were in "hot pursuit". The truck then went off road towards Children's hospital across a grassy area. The Prince Georges officers were on the truck's tail. Then about 15 seconds later....about three dozen Prince Georges County police officers were on Rock Creek Church Road. Yes! I said three dozen!  As I began to drive towards Michigan Avenue, we noticed several DC police officers responding to the chase. So many we could not count all of the DC cars. They were driving around Michigan Avenue, Children's Hospital and 1st Street NW from Michigan down to Rhode Island Avenue. I assume all in pursuit of this truck. Some of the roads were blocked by police cars. We even saw a few Montgomery County police cars responding to this chase.
      Can you tell me if the person was caught? I assume for so MANY officers to have responded from several jurisdictions this must had been a serious offense. My passenger and I also noticed a police helicopter circling the Michigan Avenue, 1st Street NW area.
      I would like to note, that the DC officers were traveling at a much slower rate of speed than the Prince Georges County officers. I know there are rules regarding high speed chases in DC. Do they apply to officers from outside jurisdictions? Not that I am complaining at all about the rates of speed. I assume this person was extremely DANGEROUS! It was very SCARY! 
      My COPS moment!

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