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10691Re: [Eckington] Re: [MPD-5D] RE: gun violence around the 4th and Rhode Island NE intersection

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  • eckingtonwashdc@yahoo.com
    May 4 12:52 PM
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      Summit Place & U street NE
      Commander Solberg, Chief Lanier,
      To add, I'm just not seeing the police presence with the high crime commencing in this immediate area.  At the 2000 block of Summit Place & 100 block of U street NE (intersection), I've been calling for police to come through and check and clear out drug sellers, loiterings all weekend, and during weekdays. 
      Twice, police cruisers drove right pass a known drug dealer on Summit Place, near the interection of U street NE, very near Yangs Market, in which I gave a very detail description of him to the 911 dispatcher.
      At one point, there were only three (3) guys on the corner, and police did come, got out of their cars, but did not make them leave the corner.
      I know there are civic laws, and so on, but when an area is a serious problem area, and there is no reason that grown guys, men, should be walking up and down the block and or loitering on a corner, I still feel the police should have make them move. Which they didn't this time.  Police usually do though.
      But a couple of days a go, I made a call, Monday in fact, of guys standing on the side wall of Yangs Market, and this time, vice showed up, and one young guy ran away and the poilice interrogated the rest and moved them along.
      It's Wednesday, May 4th, and block is still clear!  See, what vice, police and neighborhood interaction can accomplish?  I'm sure it's not going to stay clear for long, but we really must have more police presence.  And Summit Place is only a few blocks from 4th RI ave and Adams Street.

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      Subject: Re: [Eckington] Re: [MPD-5D] RE: gun violence around the 4th and Rhode Island NE intersection

      Commander Solberg,

      Thanks for your response. I'm glad the officers were able to arrest the suspects immediately. This area has for many years been a hot spot for drug sales, loitering, prostitution and other illegal activities. I'm not sure the light tower goes far enough in tackling the immense amount of illegal activity that takes place in this area on a daily basis. This issue has to be tackled in a much more aggressive approach in order to successfully weed out the problems. Many of the violators have become use to the light tower and have found ways to allude the sitting squad cars and continue their criminal activity. 

      I'll be in contact with you and Chief Lanier to discuss possible solutions to cleaning up this corridor. As always, I appreciate the hard work and dedication of your officers to keep our community safe.

      Tim Clark
      Commissioner, 5C05

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      Subject: [MPD-5D] RE: gun violence around the 4th and Rhode Island NE intersection


      In last night's incident, two men got into a dispute with an area resident and fired shots into a house. Both men were arrested.

      We have been sending the light tower up to the 3rd and Adams St. area in recent weeks and will continue to do so, and as you know 5D officers have been nearby in each instance of recent gunfire. We are working hard to combat the problem of violence in the area and have made progress and some good arrests.

      There is still work to be done and we are committed to doing it. This is an area of focused attention for us here at 5D due to recent incidents and we will not abandon our efforts to create a peaceful community.

      Andy Solberg

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      If you SEE something, SAY something.
      Call the Metropolitan Police Department at (202) 727-9099 or email at SAR@... to report suspicious activity or behavior that has already occurred.
      Call 911 to report in-progress threats or emergencies.

      To learn more, visit http://www.mpdc.dc.gov/operationtipp.
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      From: Steven Conn [mailto:steven_conn@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 9:42 AM
      To: Lanier, Cathy (MPD); Solberg, Andrew (MPD); Thomas, Harry (COUNCIL)
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      Subject: gun violence around the 4th and Rhode Island NE intersection

      Dear Chief Lanier, Commander Solberg, and Councilman Thomas,

      Eckington and the areas surrounding the 4th and Rhode Island Ave NE intersection have been under siege by criminals and their guns. As the crews and drug dealers that operate in the area continue their turf wars, residents and homeowners are being held hostage. Some are too scared to walk their dogs, one reported a stray bullet coming through the window, and the area is quickly becoming a lawless playground.

      For the second night in less than a week gunshots rang out in the area last night about 9:45. There were six quick shots from what could have only have been an automatic weapon sounded just like the one from Thursday night. Things are slowly getting out of control just in this small area.

      Please, advise what is being done to curb violence in the areas surrounding 4th and Rhode Island NE. We're all under budget cuts, trying to make our mortgage payments, some of us can't afford to lose tenants, and others are scared for their lives. We've worked very hard to get vacant buildings rehabilitated, and the commercial / residential project @ the Rhode Island Ave Metro Station is progressing, however the areas around 4th and Rhode Island Ave NE need constant police supervision - and we're pleading for help. Even police supervision may not be enough. Commander Solberg advised that when the shote were fired 2 weeks ago @ Bates and 3rd NE there was a manned cruiser in the block. With criminals showing such brazen disrespect for the law, is it time to activate the national guard to lockdown the area?

      Best regards,


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