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1036for Authorties and Ms Edmonds dangerous NY North Cap intersection

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  • Caro Alcuaz
    Feb 8, 2006
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      Thank you for those who shed some more light on this intersection especially the one who lost her hairdresser and had a badly injured friend.

      Firstly for MPD Authorities, I still  have not gotten an answer regarding jaywalking.  And I am confused by the signs that say something like "DC stops for pedestrians"   How does that work if there are crossing lights/signals?

      The time IS too short to cross the street especially for the differently abled, but some individuals are just impatient and/ or uninformed.  I believe that some just don't bother or don't know that there is a button to make thier turn to cross more timely.

      I constantly see children in the middle of the road while cars are speeding through from both directions.  Sometimes they are accompanied by older children or adults who should know better.

      For Ms. Edmonds:  I know that you have forwarded this to the agency involved.  I'm sure they are experts, but I would like to suggest that aside from lengthening the time for pedestrians to cross, larger signs should be placed to inform people that there is a button.  And again, I would suggest enforcement/fines on both pedestrians and drivers.

      Thank you

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