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1007Not any good to 911 either .....

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  • Rob Amos
    Feb 1, 2006
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      On Monday, the 1417 1st Street Drug Market was in full swing in the early evening (7:00 ish) and after two calls to 911 regarding the activity witnessed and specifics given (including detailed descriptions) on all the parties involved and deals transpiring, nothing was done ... I witnessed a drug transaction take place and later saw the same group of individuals openly smoking pot on the street.
      I hear talk talk talk that they (MPD) wants our involvement but when we provide them what they ask for, nothing is done.
      Can MPD tell me what action was done in response to my two 911 calls on Monday evening?

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      I have also called 311 and gotten no response or no immediate response, but keep calling.  It does take energy, but if we call often enough, they will have to allocate resources to solve the issues.  And at least you will always have the upper hand when someone asks you, "did you report it?" 

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