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21293REMINDER: Domestic Violence Awareness Month Summit and Health Education Fair

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  • Johnson, Lendia (MPD)
    Oct 18, 2013

    As you may be aware, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  During this time, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and Matthews Memorial Baptist Church will host a Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) Summit and Health Education Fair.  The event is set for Saturday, October 19, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. at the Matthews Memorial Baptist Church, 2616 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE.  Domestic Violence Awareness Information, health screenings and wellness resources will be available to educate, improve and empower our community.  Other amenities will include continental breakfast, lunch, door prizes and giveaways.  Child care will be provided and the location is Metro accessible (Anacostia Station or take the A2; A4; A6; or A8 bus).

    This email is to ask that you attend the event to receive information on services and resources. A copy of the flier is attached.  Please make copies and distributed to others that may be concerned.  If you are interested in hosting a vendor’s table, please let me know via email or by contacting me at the numbers below.

    Domestic violence is ravaging families and homes; destroying communities and creating spillover crimes.  MPD firmly believes that if we can successfully address domestic violence, we can eradicate some of the major crime issues facing our city and this country.  The summit will bring together a host of service providers to address the barriers ever present in domestic violence situations.  Issues such as dating violence, sexual abuse, housing and relocation, legal advice and the navigation through government and community resources will be discussed.  The purpose of the summit is to put these resources that could help with empowerment and social mobility at the fingertips of victims and survivors.

    By providing information about domestic violence and abusive situations, we can begin to enlighten the general public, government agencies, victims, survivors and even batterers about available resources and tools in the community to turn the tide against this problem.  In 2010, MPD received over 35,000 calls to report domestic violence incidents in the District of Columbia.  In addition, the number of calls for domestic violence has increased over 20 percent in the last three years.  It is estimated that domestic violence accounts for approximately one-third of all crime victimization.  Many victims have lost their lives due to domestic violence cases. We want to inform the public about this every present problem and have chosen for a theme this year “Taking Care of Mind, Body and Soul.”

    We hope that you are able to bring your youth and young adults to this event to encourage them not to start or participate in domestic violence situations and take advantage of healthy choices.  Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

    Lendia Sue Johnson

    Community Outreach Coordinator

    Seventh District

    Metropolitan Police Department

    2455 Alabama Avenue SE

    Washington, DC 20020

    (202) 698-1454 office

    (202) 439-5475 cell

    (202) 645-0020 fax



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