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1928Re: [MPD-4D] PSA 403 Meeting

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  • robwhddn@netscape.net
    Jun 21, 2006
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      Oh great. So tonight's PSA 403 meeting is going to draw a crowd of
      ambulance chasers, folks that just can't help but stop and look.

      Lt. Brown isn't superwoman, but she seems like a good person and a
      pretty darn hardworking cop. I've interacted with her more than a dozen
      or so times in the two years I have been in Petworth. She runs a pretty
      good PSA meeting and she came to several of my block association
      meetings. (AR? Are you listening? The next few points address your
      recent postings?)

      I dunno about 15 months ago or maybe a little less Kennedy Street was
      designated as a hotspot. I went to those meetings and wanted to pitch
      in. I asked Alicia Rucker (MPD's public outreach coordinator for 4D)
      what I could do. She said start a block association.

      I did just that. I made t-shirts, gave away prizes (a breakfast with
      Adrian Fenty, security clubs for automobiles), provided food, the whole
      shebang. Alicia came to every meeting. Lt. Brown came to half of them
      and when she couldn't come she made sure an officer could. There were a
      couple of meetings where Lt. Brown was there and two of her officers
      just stopped by. They couldn't stay because they were working, but they
      dropped in to say "Hi, I'm your local cop, feel free to talk to me

      I stopped the block association not because MPD didn't want to help out
      and interact with the community, but because THE COMMUNITY didn't want
      to participate. I could get only one or two people to come towards the
      end and it drove me nuts.

      The problem isn't the cops. Bad cops will be caught and fired. It's the
      people. What do you do with bad communities? I want to impose a tax on
      people who don't get involved. I want a CID, community improvement
      district whereby you pay extra money to supplement social services and
      the only way to get an exemption from the tax is to participate in a
      minimum number of community activities. I know it sounds nuts and needs
      to be worked out, but I'm tired of just letting folks turn a blind eye
      to the crap that is going on in their backyards. I say make that blind
      eye cost them something.

      I still hold the cops partly responsible, it doesn't seem like they are
      able to engage the community in a manner that would make our lives and
      their lives better, but then again that's the silver bullet I suspect
      and it's elusive because it is hard.


      Robert Whiddon
      Formerly of the 5th & Gallatin Block Association

      (P.S. I might just start the association back up as a tribute to Lt.

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      Is the PSA 403 meeting still scheduled for this evening at 7:00 PM
      at the Emery Recreation Center?

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