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11368DPW Addresses Delays In Trash/Recycling Container Removal

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  • Twine, Kevin (DPW)
    Mar 21, 2014


      Overwhelming Response, Repeated Snow Storms Lead To Delays In The Removing Supercans, Recycling Cans


      The Department of Public Works explained today why it is experiencing delays in removing Supercans and recycling cans within the 10-day turnaround time from when a removal is requested by calling 311 and the removal occurs.  First, residents who have received their new Supercans and recycling cans voted in huge numbers with their “Take Me” stickers to have their old cans removed.  Based on removals made in Ward 8, which is where DPW began distributing the new cans in February, about three times more cans are being removed than DPW anticipated.  For example, a one-day removal operation yielded 5,000 cans while 1,500 cans had been expected.


      The second factor slowing down removals is that the teams assigned to remove the cans also are part of the snow team.  Since they began their work in late February, the District has endured two major snow and ice storms, requiring the drivers to operate a plow rather than remove cans.  Another accumulating snowfall is predicted for Tuesday, March 25, which will further delay removal of Supercans because these crews will be clearing snow from the streets.


      DPW appreciates residents’ patience with the slower than anticipated pace of this operation.  We are taking measures to speed up the removal process.




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