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  • Patricia Seaver
    ... Hi Marilyn, My understanding of the yDNA test is that it only matches up the direct male line of the same surname. The mtDNA goes up the female line.
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 2, 2010
      On Jun 14, 2010, at 4:21 PM, Marilyn Roither wrote:

      > Hi Pat!
      > I have good news! I'm going to visit my 87 year old dad in St. Louis in early July. He has agreed to take a DNA test. I'm going to send away for it and take it along when I go. I know our branch on my grandfather's side came down from Wright - James Harding - Joshua -Benjamin -Weston Franklin - Weston Hiller Morefield ( my dad). However, my great-grandmother, Belle Nash Morefield, descended from an Eliza (Elizabeth?) Ann Morefield . If you recall, Eliza Ann Morefield married a Thornton Nash. One of their sons, James F Nash, was Belle Nash Morefield's father. Belle was married to my great-grandfather, Benjamin Morefield. We don't seem to know who my Eliza Ann Morefield Nash's parents were. Will the DNA test help us find out who Eliza' s father was?

      Hi Marilyn,

      My understanding of the yDNA test is that it only matches up the direct male line of the same surname. The mtDNA goes up the female line. However, they have just recently introduced a new DNA test for females that somehow includes the father's line to some extent. I'm not sure how it works or what information it might provide. There is also a test called something like "23 and Me", which is quite expensive, but which is supposed to give males matches with surnames on the mother's line. I don't know whether that also applies to women.

      So... I can't answer your question! But, I did just find a trail that I think you should follow. As you know, James Harding Moorefield was in Halifax Co, VA in 1820, in Rowan Co, NC in 1830 and in Clark Co, IN in 1840. Based on where James Harding's children say they were born, he apparently moved to Rowan Co. between 1822 and 1826 and to Clark Co, IN between 1830 and 1834.

      In 1820 Meadsville, Halifax Co, VA there were two Nash households--Thomas Nash p. 60 and Wiley Nash p. 61. There were several Moorefield households in Meadsville, Halifax Co, VA in 1820:

      Moore Moorefield p. 59 (s/o John, Sr.)
      Henry Moorefield p. 61 (brother of James Harding)
      James Moorefield p. 74 (James Harding)
      Wright Moorefield p. 74 (father of James Harding)
      John R. Moorefield p. 78 (John Royal, s/o John, Jr.)
      Wilmoth Moorefield p. 78 (widow of Marstin)
      Richard Moorefield p. 84 (s/o John, Jr.)
      William Moorefield p. 85 (s/o John, Jr. m. Nancy Canaday)
      Johnson Moorefield p. 86 (s/o Edward of John, Sr.)

      So, you can see that Moore Moorefield and Henry Moorefield lived close to the two Nash families.

      In 1830, Thomas Nash, Sr. and Wiley B. Nash are living.... Ta Da!...in Rowan Co, NC:

      1830 Rowan Co, NC p. 407 Nash, Wilie B.
      3 males under age 5
      1 male 5-9
      1 male 30-39
      1 female 5-9
      1 female 20-29
      4 slaves

      1830 Rowan Co, NC p. 438 Nash, Thomas Senr
      3 males 15-19
      3 males 20-29
      1 male 50-59
      1 female 5-10
      1 female 10-15
      1 female 40-49
      2 slaves

      1830 Rowan Co, NC p. 439 Moorefield, James
      1 male under age 5=James Henry
      2 males 5-10=Joshua & Fleming
      1 male 30-39=James Harding
      2 females under age 5
      2 females age 5-10
      1 female 10-15
      1 female 30-39

      The DoBs that I have for James Harding's daughters born before 1830 are:
      Elizabeth b. @1820 m. Lloyd Bennett 18 feb 1841 Clark Co. IN
      Nancy b. 13 aug 1826
      Frances/Fanny b. 15 apr 1827
      Sarah Jane b. 13 sep 1827

      So, there are 5 females under age 15 in James Harding's 1830 household, but we have names of only 4. AND, note that there must be an error somewhere in the DoBs of Nancy, Frances and Sarah Jane-- 9 months from the birth of Nancy to the birth of Frances and 5 months from the birth of Frances to the birth of Sarah Jane. Something is definitely off there. But, the important thing here is that we have an unidentified female who is either the female age 10-15 or one of the 2 females age 5-10. Census records show that Eliza Ann (Morefield) Nash was b. @1817/1818, which would match the female age 10-15. James's daughter, Elizabeth, who married Lloyd Bennett in 1841, was age 30 according to the 1850 census; she died before 1857.

      I think your Thornton Nash's father was probably Thomas Nash, Sr. and that Eliza Ann Morefield was the extra female in James Harding's 1830 household. Note that Thornton & Eliza Ann's children were named:
      James F. 1838
      Elizabeth 1841
      Thomas J. 1842
      Eliza A. 1843

      Son James named for Eliza Ann's father? Son Thomas named for Thornton's father? Note that they have a daughter named Elizabeth and a daughter named Eliza A. Not all that uncommon--I have come across that in my mother's line.

      By the way, in 1840 there was a Thomas J. Nash in Jefferson Co, KY--just over the river from Clark Co, IN.

      Mystery solved???????

      Pat (Moorefield) Seaver

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