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      AUGUST 14, 2006

      GENERATION NO. 5 MASTIN MOOREFIELD ( born about 1780 and died in
      Mastin Moorefield, (also named Martin and Marstin in various
      court records), and Wilmouth Stokes were married in Halifax County on
      5-21-1804. At that time, anyone getting married had to be at least
      age twenty-one or have permission of a parent or legal guardian.
      Since Mastin was married without such permission, he must have been
      age 21 or older, giving him a birth year of 1783 or sooner. He first
      appeared on the Halifax PPTL in 1805, which is consistent with a
      birth year of 1783-84. Again, at that time, records can be found for
      only two Morefield families living in Virginia, those of Edward who
      died in 1785, and John, Sr. who died in 1812. As Edward and his wife
      were probably beyond child-bearing years, it is more probable that
      Mastin was the son of John, Sr. and Patsy. Mastin died in 1815
      leaving his widow Wilmouth and several children. In the year of the
      next census, 1820, there were about sixty members of fourteen
      Moorefield families living in Halifax and Pittsylvania counties in
      Virginia. There are no records of any Moorefields living anywhere
      else in what is now Virginia at that time, although there were
      several Morefield/Moorefield households in North Carolina, Tennessee,
      and current West Virginia. In the household of Wilmouth Moorefield,
      there were she and six others, younger than she and the ages to have
      been children of she and Mastin. The 1820 census named only the head
      of the household; spouses and children were not named until the 1850
      census. From data we have assembled about the individual Moorefields
      living at that time, a group of researchers, myself included, have
      attempted to group these individuals into their respective families.
      Without going into greater detail for our reasoning, following are
      the names of some of the children that I and other Moorefield
      researchers have included in the family of Mastin and Wilmouth:
      Spouse Married
      a. Banister ca. 1805 Susan M.
      Comer 6-28-1824
      Banister and Susan lived a mile or two south of
      present day Scottsburg, toward the Dan River, and had at least nine
      children. He died of pleurisy in 1849, and Susan later sold their
      property and bought a farm near the Roger's Chapel Baptist Church,
      near Clover. She is buried there with sons Theophilus and Mastin A.
      Three other sons moved to western Kentucky after the Civil War.
      b. Mary ca. 1806 Asa
      Moore 3-7-1821
      Their son Columbus married Louisa, a daughter of Banister
      and Susan.
      c. Leroy ca 1808 Susannah
      Throckmorton 10-31-1827
      They had five daughters, and twin sons Elijah and Elisha.
      Leroy seems to have
      died about 1845.
      d. Elijah ca. 1810 Martha
      Cheatham no record found
      e. Charles ca 1814 Mary J.
      Shaw 3-8-1849
      f. Stephen ca. 1815 Eliza
      Wilmouth 2-11-1834
      There are a number of court records in Halifax naming Mastin,
      but little is known about him. He and Wilmouth likely lived in the
      area around present day Scottsburg, Va.

      GENERATION NO. 6 STEPHEN MOOREFIELD (ca 1815 to1854)
      The 1850 census gives Stephen Moorefield's age as thirty-five,
      which, if correct, gives him a birth year of 1815. The first written
      record of Stephen is for his and Eliza Wilmouth's marriage on 2-11-
      1834 in Person County, N.C. It is believed that she was a daughter
      of Thomas C. and Nancy Traylor Wilmouth. It is also very likely
      that, being under the age of twenty-one, they went to Person County,
      and falsified their ages to get married. It is assumed that Eliza
      died before the 1850 census, as she is not named in Stephen's
      household, only he and their children. Stephen then married Martha
      McKinney on 2-23-1851 in Halifax County.
      Stephen and Eliza had at least the following children:
      Name born (est)
      spouse marriage
      a. Calvin 1835 Elizabeth
      Martin 1857 Halifax
      They had two sons, Milleral Cabel, who moved to Person County,
      NC, and has descendants in North Carolina, and Jonathan Colluther,
      who married Leander's daughter Josephine C.

      b. Algernon 1838 Sallie
      E . not found
      No marriage record has been found for Algernon, and he had died
      by 1875. He and Sally had Salina, Robert P., and Cordelia. Robert
      later moved to Richmond, Va; his mother, sister Cordelia, and aunt
      Mariah living with him and his family.

      c. James McAlister 1840
      No record of any marriage found; Leander was named administrator
      of his estate in October, 1861.

      d. Leander A. 1840 Elizabeth
      Wilmouth 1860 Halifax

      f. Elias Dodson 1842 Eliza Ann
      Wilmouth 1865 Halifax
      Elias died by 1869, leaving no children.

      g. Decordus C. 1845 named only
      in the 1850 census.

      h. Mariah 1848 no
      marriage found, lived her later years
      in Richmond with her nephew, Robert P. Moorefield, son of

      Stephen and Martha had two children, Eliza in born 1852, and
      Harriet G. in 1853.
      Little else is known about Stephen, except that he died in 1854,
      evidenced by a court record which ordered an appraisal of his estate,
      stating him to be deceased. There is no record of his ever owning
      any property and he left no will. From the 1850 census, we know that
      he lived next to Elijah Moorefield at that time, assumed to be his
      brother, and we know that Elijah owned property along present day
      McDonald Road toward the present Staunton River State Park and near
      the pipeline which currently runs from Clover. His farm is now part
      of the Falkland game preserve. (I believe I have identified the
      graves of Elijah and Martha and two of their sons on this property).
      From this, it is evident that Stephen lived a few miles from
      Scottsburg, and near the property owned by his father-in-law, Thomas

      GENERATION NO. 7 LEANDER MOOREFIELD (ca 1838 to 1910)

      Leander, at different times, was a member of two Confederate
      companies in the Civil War, and military enlistment records give his
      birth date as 2-9-1840, although he is shown as age twelve in the
      1850 census. On 11-22-1860, he married Elizabeth Wilmouth, daughter
      of Yancey and Susan Whitlow Wilmouth. Yancey was a son of Thomas C.
      and Nancy Traylor Wilmouth, Leander's grandparents on his mother's
      side, so he and Elizabeth were first cousins. He listed his
      occupation on his marriage license as carpenter.
      One of the more pivotal battles in the early months of the Civil
      War was the Battle of Rich Mountain in then Randolph County, Va., now
      West Virginia. At this time, what is now the state of West Virginia
      was still the northwestern part of Virginia. On July 11, 1861, the
      Union Army, led by Major General George B. McClellan overran
      Confederate forces there, and by doing so, gained control of the
      major railroad lines through the western half of Virginia from
      Staunton into Ohio. Leander, who had enlisted into Company H, 20th
      Infantry Regiment Virginia on May 28, 1861, was captured during this
      battle and paroled on July 17, to return home. West Virginia
      separated from Virginia and was admitted into the Union as a state
      two years later. According to records at the United Daughters of the
      Confederacy in Richmond, Va., Leander was also a member of Company K,
      18th Virginia.
      Leander's name is a curiosity. His name as such is not listed in
      the 1850 census with Stephen, but there is an Andrew L., age 12,
      listed. On his marriage license to Elizabeth, he is listed as
      Leander J., however other records list him as Leander A. I feel it
      most likely that his name was intended to be either Lee Andrew or
      Andrew Lee, and that it was he in the 1850 census listed as Andrew
      L. Whatever his true name, he was known as Lee.
      Although I have found no record detailing how he acquired it,
      Leander owned a sixty-two acre farm near Scottsburg, just off present
      day McDonald Road. This road begins at the Scottsburg Baptist Church
      going toward Staunton River Park. Leander's farm is located on
      current day Throckmorton Trail. Leander died on May 24, 1910, and
      his buried in a single plot on his former farm. This property
      remained in his estate until it was bought by his son – in – law,
      Jonathan Colluther Moorefield on 9-27-1920. The sellers were Leander
      and Elizabeth's children and a "Lizzie D. Moorefield", who I cannot
      identify, except to speculate that she may have been Elizabeth.
      Jonathan was married to their daughter, Josephine. An overhead photo
      of this property can be found on the website "webgis.net". The
      property number is 26603. Throckmorton Trail runs through the middle
      of the property.
      I feel Jonathan and Josephine did not live on Leander's farm,
      as the house they lived in is located on McDonald Rd., (still
      occupied), and they are buried in the Moorefield – Hundley cemetery
      about 100 yards behind this house. This property is near the farm
      owned by Leander.
      Elizabeth died on July 12, 1926 in Person County, N.C. Her son
      Andrew Jackson lived there at the time, and I feel that she must have
      been living with him, as he signed as informant on her death
      certificate. I have been very curious as to why she was not buried
      with Leander, as the farm was still owned by Johnathan and Josephine
      at the time of her death. Elizabeth is buried in a private cemetery
      beside Providence Baptist Church about a mile northeast of Roxboro,
      N.C. on Rte. 49. Her headstone refers to her as "wife of Lee". I
      feel that she may have lived on the farm until 1920, when she sold it
      to Jonathan and Josephine, and then moved to Jalong, in Person
      County, which is where Andrew and his wife lived at the time.

      Like his father Stephen, very little is known about Leander.
      There is only one known photograph of him, no oral history passed
      down about him, and few of his descendants know of him.

      Leander and Elizabeth had at least the following children:

      a. James Calvin 1861 Ellen C.
      White 1883 Halifax
      They had five children, but only two daughters lived to
      adulthood. Calvin died
      on 3-20-1916, and according to his death certificate, is
      buried at his home,
      the location of which is unknown to me.

      b. William Charles 1863 Nannie Rebecca White
      1890 Halifax, sister to
      Ellen. They lived about halfway between Scottsburg and Clover
      on Green Level Rd., and had nine children who reached adulthood. One
      of these was my grandfather, William Frank Moorefield, Sr., who
      married Stella Coleman

      c. Leroy R. 1864 Alice Whitlow
      1886, Ollie King 1919
      Leroy's first wife Alice died in 1915, and between her and
      Ollie, Leroy had
      eleven children, leaving numerous descendants throughout
      Virginia and North

      d. Andrew Jackson 1867 married four times
      Jack, as he was referred to, had at least eight children. It
      is known he died in
      1930, but his burial place is unknown to his descendants.

      e. Josephine C. 1868 Jonathan C. Moorefield,
      1890 Halifax
      Josephine married her first cousin, Jonathan Colluther
      Moorefield, son of Calvin and Elizabeth, and they had nine children.
      She and Jonathan are buried in the family cemetery behind their
      former home on McDonald Rd., near Scottsburg.

      f. Ida Bell 1872 Humstead
      Willard 1887 Halifax
      Ida Bell and her husband had a son and daughter, both who
      lived in Miami,
      Fl. She died in 1972 in Lynchburg, Va.

      William Charles Moorefield, known as Charlie, was born on March
      20, 1863 in Halifax County. On October 5, 1890 he and Nannie
      Rebecca White, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth C. White were
      married. His occupation was listed as carpenter. They lived in the
      general area about halfway between the towns of Scottsburg and
      Clover, near the Dificult Creek. I have found no record of Charlie
      and Nannie having owned a farm. They had the following children.
      Oscar M. 1891 Annie Mae
      Wilmouth 12-16-1915
      William Frank 1895 Stella C.
      Wilmouth 1-31-1919
      (my grandparents)
      Mary Frances 1896 Will Seamons
      Carl Rennie 1901 Katie W.
      Watts 12-29-1926
      Nannie Elizabeth 1903 Otis W.
      Moorefield 11-27-1921
      James Herbert 1904 Lester M.
      Guill 12-15-1926
      Rosa Ermine 1907 Thomas Lee
      Moorefield 12-6-1924
      George Filmore 1908 Elsie M.
      Snead 1-6-1927
      Dallas Vest 1910 Janie G.
      High 3-9-1940

      Nannie, who was born on 5-29-1869, died on 2-28-1957, and is buried
      with Charlie, who died on 1-3-1934, on the farm owned by Wayne
      Moorefield on the Guill Town Rd., near Clover. My father tells me
      that their burial site is near their former home, but not on the same

      William Frank Moorefield was born on 2-6-1895 and married my
      grandmother, Stella Coleman Wilmouth on 1-31-1919 in Halifax County.
      Stella was the daughter of Joseph Henry Wilmouth and Ada D. Torian.
      Joseph was a grandson of Thomas C. and Nancy Wilmouth, mentioned
      previously, and he was owner of much of the land previously owned by
      his grandfather.
      Frank, as he was known, and Stella owned a farm off Green
      Level Rd. near her parents' farm. This property can be viewed on
      webgis.net as properties no. 30254 and 14075. Their cash crop was
      tobacco, but like most everyone else in the community, raised much of
      what they ate, plus food for livestock. When my grandfather decided
      to stop raising tobacco, he operated a small store in the town of
      Scottsburg, until near his death. The building, owned by my uncle
      Charlie, no longer stands, but was located on what is now the parking
      lot for Scottsburg Volunteer Fire Department. Charlie donated this
      property to the fire department, with the condition that the fire
      station would be built tall enough for kids to play basketball
      My grandfather died on 7-11-1977, and my grandmother on 8-5-
      1994. They are buried in Oakland Cemetery near their farm. Their
      children in order of birth were Charles Hagood, Helen Irene, William
      Frank, Jr., and Ada Rebecca.
      I was born on 11-18-1946 to William F., Jr. and Lois Marie Viar
      Moorefield. My father lives in Halifax County; my mother is deceased.
      My wife, the former Judy Ramsey Moorefield, and I live in
      Martinsville, Va. and are the parents of two sons, William F., IV,
      who lives in Richmond with his wife Landon, and Wesley Alan
      Moorefield who is currently a rising Junior at Virginia Tech.
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