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Re: [MOREFIELDHOMEPLACE] Libaray at Danville

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  • Patricia Seaver
    Hi Marge, There were two William Morefield s, who were sometimes confused-- William b. @1775/1780 who married Rebecca Stevens in 1801 and William, s/o John,
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2006
      Hi Marge,

      There were two William Morefield's, who were sometimes confused--
      William b. @1775/1780 who married Rebecca Stevens in 1801 and
      William, s/o John, Jr. and Winifred (Bruce), b. 1788 who married
      Nancy Canaday 1809. There is good evidence that the older William
      was a son of John, Sr., in which case the younger William was his
      nephew. On some Halifax Co. tax lists, they appeared as William, Sr.
      and William, Jr. However, apparently Sr. and Jr. originally simply
      referred to age regardless of their familial relationship. In
      addition, the older William and Rebecca had a son named William b.

      So, the William who might be in play for Nathaniel would be William,
      s/o John, Jr. and Winifred. Winifred's family register names
      children William, Polly, John Royal, Edmund, Coleman and Dickerson.
      The division of her estate names Richard, John Royal, the heirs of
      Edmund, the heirs of Nathaniel and "Mrs. Moorefield". Last year, I
      found a newspaper notice relating to the division of Winnie's estate
      naming Sarah Moorefield Coates as her daughter. Sarah Moorefield
      married Willliam Coates in 1818 and died within a few years. So,
      since there was at least one daughter who was not listed in her
      family record, perhaps there were others. We had originally assumed
      that Richard was either Coleman or Dickerson, but the fact that Sarah
      wasn't named in Winnie's family register at least opens the
      possibility that other children were omitted, too, so maybe there was
      a Coleman, a Dickerson, and a Richard.

      The problem with Coleman and Dickerson as father of Nathaniel is that
      they were born 1795 and 1798, respectively, which made them pretty
      young to father a son old enough to marry in 1832. William does seem
      like a better candidate from the standpoint of age. The 1820 census
      shows that William (s/o John, Sr.) had 2 males age 0-10, and the 1830
      census shows 2 males 0-5, 1 male 5-10 and 2 males age 10-15. William
      and Nancy's sons Willis W. and John F. (b. @1829) moved to GA by 1850
      (probably Willliam to an adjoining county in AL). Based on the facts
      that Coleman H. also moved to the same area of GA and in 1841 and
      1842 C.H. Moorefield and Willis W. Moorefield were granted license in
      Pittsylvania Co. to operate an ordinary (tavern, I think), I had
      thought that the two oldest sons were Willis W. and Coleman H. If
      those 2 older sons were Willis and William, we're going to have to go
      back to the drawing board to figure out who Coleman belonged to--he
      was much too young to be the Coleman named in Winnie's family
      register and was not named in the division of her estate. In fact,
      it's curious that neither William nor any of his children were named
      in the division of Winnie's estate. Perhaps the "Mrs. Moorefield"
      was Nancy Canaday Moorefield, but that would be odd, too, since there
      were surviving children.

      As for William and Nancy naming a son William--that's certainly a
      possibility, but naming children for siblings and parents was at
      least equally as common, if not more so, at that time. On the other
      hand, William's age works better for Nathaniel, and the Pittsylvania
      Co. connection is *very* interesting. As I recall, the only MFLD
      households in Pittsylvania co. in 1840 were William and Willis W.
      Looks like more digging needed in Pittsylvania Co. and in AL/GA.

      Pat (Moorefield) Seaver

      On Oct 30, 2006, at 9:15 PM, mrw244 wrote:

      > Hello All again,
      > Do any of you live near Danville, Va? I have found some references
      > to Nathan Morefield and Mary Jane Martin Moorefield that can be found
      > in some of their books:
      > Old Cemetery records of Pittsylvania County, VA 1700-1956 Compiled by
      > Rebecca Douglas Wyatt ogy 929.3755ANV VI
      > Green Hill Cemetery, Danville, Va (abstracts)V 929.3755 DANV V1 and V2
      > Marriage Bonds and Minister's Returns-Fredericksburg,VA V929.3755FRED
      > K
      > Cemetery Records of Pittsylvania County VA V929.3755 Pitt C
      > Perhaps a mystery can be solved? I keep thinking Nathaniel is the son
      > of William since he names his first born son William and his daughter
      > Ann Eliza-for his sister? Hummm Thank you, Marge

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