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    Well, another Moorefield Homecoming has come and gone. About sixty-five members of our family met at the Scottsburg Fire Station in Halifax County yesterday
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2005
      Well, another Moorefield Homecoming has come and gone. About
      sixty-five members of our family met at the Scottsburg Fire Station
      in Halifax County yesterday and we all had a great time. This was our
      smallest turnout, but giving the price of gas and all the bad news
      lately, I was not expecting any more. I did notice that many more of
      the folks in attendance spent more time making aquaintances with
      cousins that they did not know than I had seen in previous meetings.
      Maybe the smaller group brought a greater sense of family.

      Thanks to Eugene Moorefield of Danville, (John and Winfred's
      line), for getting things going with a great welcome and
      introductions. I really like food and it seems this year's was the
      best we have had, and there was plenty of it. Thanks to all the
      ladies for preparing such a great meal.

      After we had spent about an hour on lunch and folks sitting and
      visiting with each other, Pat Seaver, (William and Rebecca's line),
      gave a great account of the families of Morefields who had migrated
      from Halifax County over the years and where they and their
      descendants settled. Afterwards, Laurie Lenz, (Stephen and Eliza's
      line),talked about her research into Mo(o)refields who served in the
      Civil War, North and South, and offered to aid in research for any
      who wanted to know about their ancestor's service.

      Kathy Wilmouth-Butts, (Stephen and Eliza's line), and Bob
      Morefield, (Robert S. and Prudence' line)informed everyone about our
      two websites, Moorefield Connections and Morefield Homeplace,
      respectively. Whereas this website focuses more as a message board
      where we share and discuss research concerning our ancestral family
      members, Moorefield Connections, owned by Kathy and operated by
      Laurie, focuses more on current events and has a very sizeable
      collection of photographs of many of our family members fron a couple
      of generations back to the present.

      Phyllis Morefield, wife of Jim (descends from two Johnson County,
      Tn. lines, Henry and Elizabeth and John B. and Elizabeth), discussed
      the beginnings of the MRE (morefield Research Exchange) and the now
      semiannual meetings which provide not only a means of exchange of
      ideas and data, but fellowship with distant family members. This past
      June we met in Frankfort, Ky.

      One very heartwarming item was the meeting of two first cousins
      who had never met; Barbara Moorefield Dunnigan of Greensboro, NC, and
      Jean Mills who lives in Maryland. Both are grandaughters of Henry C.
      and Josephine Moorefield of Halifax County. Jean's father and uncle
      moved to the Baltimore area years ago and the families lost touch
      with each other over the years.

      The next Homecoming will take place about a year and a half from
      now in the Spring of 2007. It seems a year goes by a lot quicker than
      it used to, and I feel spreading the time frame out a little more may
      increase attendance.

      Thanks again to all those who came and to those who assisted in
      any way. Bill in Martinsville
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