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Fwd: The uplifting film Fireproof!

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  • Cindilee Thorne
    ... Hey everyone, some of my friends went to see this today and said it was very, very good. I had not heard too much about it but then today I got this
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2008
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      Hey everyone,  some of my friends went to see this today and said it was very, very good.  I had not heard too much about it but then today I got this e-mail.  Sounds like a great date night for all of us and good cause to support these film makers.


      After reading that movies are the leading method of influencing this generation, two Baptist pastors, Alex and Stephen Kendrick, formed Sherwood Pictures, a media ministry with the aim of producing positive and inspiring films without sex, violence or profanity. Following the success of their first two movies, Flywheel and Facing the Giants, their latest film, Fireproof, appears in theaters September 26th. Keep reading to see why we think this thought-provoking, uplifting film is a must-see.



      Why do we recommend you watch this movie?


      1. We believe in the mission of the producers, who are trying to influence the culture positively from a Christian perspective through mainstream media.
      2. Fireproof reaffirms the sacred institution of marriage in a culture plagued by divorce.
      3. The movie strongly advocates faith, family, and Christian values.
      4. It dramatically displays the power of forgiveness.
      5. The film is a product of Sherwood Pictures, a media ministry that grew out of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia, whose goal is to reach the world for Christ.
      6. Fireproof presents God as the source of unconditional love.
      7. You can take the same 40-day challenge as Caleb does in Fireproof with The Love Dare.
      8. The profits from Sherwood's last film, Facing the Giants, were used to build a sports complex to serve the needs of youth in Albany, Georgia, and to show them the love of Christ in community.
      9. No matter where your marriage is, you can relate to the real-life struggles portrayed in this film.
      10. Fireproof reminds us that no situation is too desperate for God to redeem—that with God, all things are possible.
      11. Filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick credit this film, and its focus on marriage, as being not just a good idea, but a God idea.
      12. Any movie that has in its credits a "prayer coordinator," you should see.

      See Fireproof Resources

      Watch the trailer

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