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Monday Prayer Request- Mikey Update

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  • Lindsay Leiviska
    Hi Everyone- Don t have much info, but here is what I do have: Mikey s CAT scan showed a lot of brain cell damage. We are not quite sure what has been
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 27, 2007
      Hi Everyone-
      Don't have much info, but here is what I do have:
      Mikey's CAT scan showed a lot of brain cell damage.  We are not quite sure what has been affected, but we do know that God can work wonders!
      At this time, it is just a waiting game.
      Please pray for Mike to wake up and be able to communicate with us.  Please pray for comfort for my family. 
      I just want everyone to know what an amazing man Mike is. He is sooooo funny!  Always makes everyone laugh... ALWAYS!!  He just got out of the Navy last year and has been so busy between working and being in school full time.  Please pray for him!!!  One day, he will thank you for it! 
      Thank you-

      Lindsay Leiviska <laleivis@...> wrote:
      Hi Everyone-
      Just an update...
      Mike had a stroke on the left side of his brain.  Soon after the stroke his brain started to hemmorage and swell. 
      As of today... The swelling in Mike's brain has gone down a lot.  He started to open his eyes yesterday and today he responded to the doctors using his eyes.  Because the stroke occurred on the left side the doctor's have been concerned that he will be paralyzed on the right side and that he will lose his speech (the left side of the brain controls those areas). 
      Yesterday Mike moved his right knee and today he move his right arm.  All obviously good signs.  From the reports I am receiving, Mike appears to be trying to wake up.  He is much more responsive to voices and touch... They monitor all this by his heart rate and his use of his eyes.
      The doctors will be doing a CAT scan of his brain tomorrow.  Please pray that the scans turn out positively.  Of course, our greatest prayer is that Mikey will be able to fully wake up and be able to speak to us.  Please pray that the damage is minimal and reversible.  God can do anything!
      Thank you so much for your prayers.

      Lindsay Leiviska <laleivis@yahoo. com> wrote:
      He has had a stroke and isn't waking up.  Please pray that he wakes up and that they effects of the stroke are minimal.  God can heal him.

      Lindsay Leiviska <laleivis@yahoo. com> wrote:
      My cousin just called... Mikey is not waking up.  Its been two hours that they have been trying to wake him.  His left eye is quite red... the doctor just ordered at CT Scan of his head STAT.  Please pray that there is no bleeding in the brain and that Mikey wakes up soon.
      Thank you all so much!

      Lindsay Leiviska <laleivis@yahoo. com> wrote:
      God is amazing!!!
      The doctors did another scan today and Mikey's clot is 100% gone!!!! 
      Today the doctors fed Mike through a feeding tube (they have not fed him at all since he arrived) and as my Aunt Terry said, "He's such a good boy, he ate the whole thing."  :) 
      Anyway, today the doctors were in the process of weaning him off of the hard sedative that has been keeping him completely unconscious and have been slowly changing him over to a lighter version which will allow him to respond to stimuli.  The doctors want to monitor his brain activity to make sure there has been no bleeding in the brain as a result of the accident and the anti-coagulant meds. 
      I just got off the phone with my aunt and she told me that about 45 minutes ago both she and my cousin Jamie (Mike's sister) were standing over Mikey in the ICU.  A nurse walked in and suggested that they start to talk to him to help him wake up.  (Mind you, no one has been allowed to talk to or touch Mike since he has been there because they wanted him as relaxed and non-stimulated as possible.)  Anyway, the nurse started talking to Mike saying in a loud voice, "Mikey, Mike, wake up!".  No response.  She left the room.
      Aunt Terry and Jamie started to talk to Mike saying, "Mikey, Mikey, its Mom, its Jay... wake up.  If you can hear us blink once."  Mikey blinked.  They both stared at eachother and were like "Uh... Did that just happen?"  AT (I call her AT) said that for 10 minutes straight they both talked to him and asked him to blink in response to what they were saying, "Blink once, twice, three times"... she said he responded perfectly every time!!!  Praise God! 
      This is a wonderful indication of his brain functioning.
      Thank you everyone for your prayers.  If you could continue praying that God will heal the rest of his body and specifically that there is no internal bleeding.  That is what we are looking for now.
      Thank you!!!  Thank you!!!  God is awesome!!!

      Lindsay Leiviska <laleivis@yahoo. com> wrote:

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      Hi Everyone-
      My 27 year old cousin, Mike, has been in a horrible accident.
      They just found a blot clot in both his heart and in his lung.  This is it!  Please pray that the anti-coagulant drugs heal his body.  Please pray that the Lord will heal him.  Please, please pray for him!!!
      We don't know how much time he has.
      Thank you so much!

      Lindsay Leiviska <laleivis@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Hi Everyone-
      Mike (my cousin) got out of surgery (he was hit in a serious car accident on Friday) ... he had complications while they were in and they had to hurry quickly to get it done.  His heart and lungs were working overtime and they suspect a pulmonary embolism.  He is incubated and completely knocked out right now until they get him to breathe on his own.
      Please pray that the embolism that they find tomorrow (they will be doing scans tomorrow) is fixable and that the Lord will heal him.  Please also pray for my Aunt Terry (his mom) and my cousin Jamie (his sister) as they are sitting at his bedside in the hospital.
      Thank you for your prayers-

      Lindsay Leiviska <laleivis@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Hi Everyone-

      Please pray for my younger cousin, Mikey, who was hit in a bad car accident on Friday.

      He has been moved to the ICU as of this morning because they found contusions in his lungs and he is having a hard time breathing.  Also, he is scheduled for back and leg surgery.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and that most importantly, the Lord will heal his body.

      Thank you-


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